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UK Forecast- March 04, 2015

Clouding over

Rain in northwest

/reports/2015/03/04/foc_0.gif Thursday
A bright start to the day across much of central, southern and eastern England. More cloud over western areas bringing some drizzle to coasts and hills here. The cloud increasing through the day in northern England, Scotland and Wales, again with some spots of drizzle on western coasts and hills. Staying brighter and drier through central, eastern and southern England. Highs near 9 to 14C.

/reports/2015/03/04/foc_1.gif Thursday Night
Cloudy for much of northern and western Britain and Ireland overnight. There will be further spots of drizzle in the west, with more persistent rain passing through Northern Ireland and into western Scotland. More eastern and southern areas staying dry and rather cloudy. Lows of 4 to 10C.

/reports/2015/03/04/foc_2.gif Friday
High pressure stays south of the country on Friday. The moist southwest flow persists bringing a fair amount of cloud to most areas. Breezy in Scotland and Northern Ireland with some rain on western coasts here. Elsewhere there will be drizzle over western parts of Wales and England, but elsewhere it should be dry. There may be a few bright spells in the east. Mild for all with tops of 8 to 12C.

/reports/2015/03/04/foc_3.gif Saturday
High pressure across central Europe on Saturday with low pressure passing to the northwest of Scotland. This brings a windy day to Scotland and Northern Ireland. There will be rain, heavy at times over western slopes and coasts. Some drizzle in northwest England and a few spots for western Wales and southwest England too. Other areas are probably going to have a fair amount of cloud, but then sunny spells developing, the best in the east and south. Highs at 11 to 15C.


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