United Kingdom

UK Forecast- December 26, 2014

Cold; ice and wintry showers

Becoming dry and frosty

/reports/2014/12/26/foc_0.gif Saturday
Low pressure moves south-east into Europe during Saturday, with areas of rain and snow, plus gale force winds in the south and east at first. A complex cluster of showers of rain, sleet and snow move southwards to affect many areas through the day, with icy conditions in the morning after rain and snow overnight. Frequent wintry showers for Wales, north-west England, the West Midlands, and also Devon and Cornwall, although mostly rain at low levels here. Belts of snow also threaten eastern coastal counties of England and Scotland, snow falling to low levels, and may become more extensive for the eastern Midlands by evening. Central and western Scotland often dry, but heavy snow or hail showers near west coast, may also affect northern parts of Ireland, fewer showers further south. Feeling cold in a north-westerly breeze, highs 1 to 3C for most, nearer 5 or 6C in the south-west.

/reports/2014/12/26/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Clusters of snow showers continue to affect many areas into Saturday evening, particularly Wales and the south-west, but also eastern counties of England. Fewer showers in central areas, but some snow getting into the eastern Midlands. Showers mostly becoming rare in Scotland. Ice forming widely on untreated surfaces. Variable amounts of cloud, but skies tending to clear, allowing temperatures to fall sharply, especially over snow cover, with lows widely down to between 0C and -3C, but a risk of -5C or locally lower in the Scottish Highlands, parts of mid-Wales and northern England. Freezing fog patches may also form in low lying areas.

/reports/2014/12/26/foc_2.gif Sunday
High pressure builds across the British Isles, giving a very cold and frosty start, with icy stretches after previous rain or snow from Saturday. Most places will be dry and bright with a good amount of sunshine breaking through, although areas of cloud and freezing fog may be locally slow to clear. A few snow showers may affect eastern and south-eastern coasts. Isolated wintry showers in the Irish Sea and northern Scotland. Winds ease, but will feel cold around southern and eastern coasts. Daytime highs of 0 to 3C in many areas, slightly milder near west and south-western coasts.

/reports/2014/12/26/foc_3.gif Monday
High pressure positioned across the British Isles will bring a dry, bright and frosty day. A very cold start, with a widespread hard frost under clear skies, and the risk of local freezing fog patches. The chance of a few snow showers clipping the south-east of England. A cold feeling day for much of the country, slightly milder near to western coasts, with a strong south-westerly breeze for western regions of Ireland and Scotland. Daytime highs struggling to do better than 0 to 3C for most of Britain, nearer 6C further west.


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