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UK Forecast- November 27, 2014

Cloud slowly breaking

Feeling mild

/reports/2014/11/27/foc_0.gif Friday
Little if any substantial rain on Friday, although patchy drizzle may affect eastern coasts and hills, perhaps also along the south coast of England. A cloudy and dull start, and low cloud is expected to remain extensive across northern Britain, Ireland and Wales, with fog on the hills. A freshening south-easterly breeze may see a few breaks in the cloud develop across southern England and the Midlands into the afternoon. Brighter also in western Scotland. Temperatures 7 to 10C for many, perhaps reaching 12 or 13C in the south.

/reports/2014/11/27/foc_1.gif Friday night
Patchy drizzly rain will continue in eastern Scotland overnight, but for many it will remain dry. A few isolated showers may move across south-western counties of England and Wales during the second half of the night. Mostly light south-easterly winds. A lot of low cloud, plus mist and fog on many hills. Remaining mild across Britain and Ireland. Overnight lows 5 to 8C.

/reports/2014/11/27/foc_2.gif Saturday
Still a lot of cloud around on Saturday. A dull, misty and murky start with low cloud, but should gradually break up. A little sunshine, best to the west of high ground in north-west England and west Wales, although generally very hazy. Hilly areas of northern Britain may be above areas of low cloud. Dry for most, perhaps a little drizzle on some eastern facing hills, and the chance of a shower toward the south-west of Britain and Ireland. Patchy showers in north-west Scotland. Light east to south-easterly winds. Highs 8 or 9C in the north, 10 or 11C in the south and west.

/reports/2014/11/27/foc_3.gif Sunday
A misty and foggy start to Sunday morning is expected in low lying areas of England and Wales. Some of this fog may linger well on into the day, and is likely to reform again by evening. Remaining dry for England, Wales and Ireland, and a little hazy sunshine may break through. More cloud for Scotland, and showery rain for the northern Highlands. Light winds throughout the day. Temperatures between 7 and 11C, mildest toward the south-west, but will remain colder where fog persists.


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