United Kingdom

UK Forecast- March 06, 2015

Breezy but mild

Sunshine south; heavy rain north-west

/reports/2015/03/06/foc_0.gif Saturday
A mild south-westerly pattern, but a strong breeze, reaching gale force around exposed coasts in the north-west, and very strong over the hills. Dry with plenty of sunshine for most of England and Wales, although more cloud toward north and west. Patchy drizzle for west Wales and north-west England, occasionally heavy in the Lake District. Slow moving fronts situated across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Persistent heavy rain for western Scotland, which may cause flooding where combined with snow melt. However, little if any rain in north-eastern Scotland, where it may become very mild. Frequent rain for northern and western regions of Ireland, but very little in the south. Highs 12 to 15C by afternoon, locally slightly higher.

/reports/2015/03/06/foc_1.gif Saturday night
The heaviest rain will slowly ease across western Scotland as fronts slip southwards overnight. Rain spreads south across Ireland, heaviest in the west, but patchy and light in the east. Heavy rain for Dumfries and Galloway, and also the Lake District for several hours. Staying dry for most of England and Wales. Clouds thickening from the north. Staying breezy, but the strongest winds easing. Staying fairly mild overnight, temperatures 5 to 9C.

/reports/2015/03/06/foc_2.gif Sunday
A slow moving cold front moves gradually southwards. Rain is likely to affect Wales and north-west England, persistent over many hours, heaviest on western hills. Patchy drizzle in north-east England. Dry with sunshine in the south and south-east. Clouds thickening from the north across the Midlands, with spots of rain developing later. A brighter day overall for Scotland, particularly in the west, although expect a few showers in the north. Becoming brighter for Ireland after a damp start. The south-westerly breeze will ease through the day, although staying breezy in northern Scotland. Highs reaching 15C in central and south-eastern regions, nearer 10C beneath the rain, and 8C for Scotland.

/reports/2015/03/06/foc_3.gif Monday
A slight frost possible to start Monday morning. An area of low pressure moves north-eastwards across the British Isles during the day, bringing rain and strong winds to the north and west, whilst central and south-eastern Britain should remain largely dry. Rain soon arriving for Ireland and becoming extensive, spreading into Scotland where the day is likely to turn increasingly wet. A little rain for north-eastern regions, but amounts small. Patchy rain in north-west England and Wales for a few hours. Mostly cloudy for the Midlands, with spots of drizzle. A little sunshine toward the south and south-east. Highs 9C in the north, to 13 or 14C southern England.


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