United Kingdom

UK Forecast- October 07, 2015

Mainly dry

Some early fog

/reports/2015/10/07/foc_0.gif Thursday
High pressure builds across the country, bringing dry weather to most areas. Plenty of sunshine. A freshening southerly breeze produces more cloud for western Britain & Ireland, perhaps spots of rain now and again, risk drifting across Wales & the south-west. A fresh north-westerly breeze on the east coast will soon ease. Otherwise winds will be light. Feeling cool at first, but temperatures rising by afternoon to between 14 and 17C.

/reports/2015/10/07/foc_1.gif Thursday night
Apart from spots of rain around western coasts of Scotland & Ireland it will be dry, and winds very light away from these areas. Mist and fog will form increasingly through the night, leaving some locally dense patches by dawn on Friday, particularly central areas of England and Wales. Lowest temperatures rurally 4 or 5C, nearer 8C urban areas, but some Scottish glens dipping closer to freezing, giving local grass frost.

/reports/2015/10/07/foc_2.gif Friday
High pressure across and to the east of Britain, giving another dry and bright day for most. A good amount of sunshine for England & Wales, whilst partly cloudy skies affect Scotland & Ireland. Areas of low cloud western Scotland & Irish Sea coasts, with drizzly rain over some hills. Light winds overall, but a breeze from the south/south-east in far western regions. Highs 14 to 18C, warmest south, but locally warm north-east Scotland.

/reports/2015/10/07/foc_3.gif Saturday
High pressure to the east of Britain maintains dry weather for most areas. The remains of Hurricane Joaquin are likely to be steered toward Biscay, and another part of the system heads north toward Iceland. Western regions of Britain and Ireland will be rather cloudy and may see a little rain. Expect a brisk south-easterly breeze, particularly toward the south-west. Sunshine likely best in the north & east. Highs 14 to 17C.


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