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United Kingdom

UK Forecast- November 27, 2015

Rain, most frequent west

Very windy, gales

/reports/2015/11/27/foc_0.gif Saturday
A bright morning for eastern Britain, starting chilly, with some early sunshine. East Anglia & the south-east should be dry most of daylight. Clouds thicken from the west, soon turning murky, and increasingly wet for Wales & western England. Persistent rain affects Ireland & Scotland, snow over the Highlands. Bursts of rain spread to the Midlands by afternoon. Strong westerly winds, gusts 50 to 60mph in the west later. Feeling cool, highs 6 to 9C.

/reports/2015/11/27/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Organised clusters of heavy showers continue to spread east into the evening. Rain also remains persistent in the north & west, some prolonged falls over western hills. Further snow over the mountains. Winds stay strong, gusts to 50mph inland, or 60mph exposed coasts and hills in west, locally near 70mph toward dawn. Feeling chilly in the wind, although frost unlikely as temperatures hold at around 4 to 7C.

/reports/2015/11/27/foc_2.gif Sunday
Low pressure to the north, and fronts passing eastwards bring further persistent and heavy rain to north-western regions of Britain & Ireland. Patchy rain and drizzle reaching central & southern areas, a few showers possible, but mostly small amounts of rain. Cloudy skies overall, occasional glimpses of sun in the south & east. West to south-westerly winds remain strong, gusts over 60-70mph in the exposed west. Temperatures 7C north, to 12C south.

/reports/2015/11/27/foc_3.gif Monday
A small but active area of low pressure, plus a slow moving frontal system is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds, to particularly western regions of Britain and Ireland. Rain also threatens the Midlands, much of northern England & southern Scotland. Cloudy and drizzly in southern England. Cool and showery in the far north. Risk of severe gales into the morning, staying windy in the south. Temperatures ranging from 7 to 13C north to south.


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