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UK Forecast- May 02, 2016

Much warmer

Dry for most

/reports/2016/05/02/foc_0.gif Tuesday
Pressure builds from the south-west, bringing a fair day to much of Britain and Ireland. Areas of showers will affect western Scotland in the morning, but should gradually all fade. Plenty of sunshine for England & Wales. Small risk of a passing shower, mostly eastern areas in the afternoon. A fresh westerly breeze, strongest in northern regions. Temperatures reaching 11 to 13C in the north & west, and 14 or 15C in the east & south.

/reports/2016/05/02/foc_1.gif Tuesday night
Dry for most areas overnight. Thickening cloud and a freshening southerly wind develops for north-western Britain and Ireland. By dawn a little drizzly rain reaches the far west of Scotland & Ireland. Light winds and clear skies across England & Wales may allow mist patches to form in low lying areas, but will soon clear at dawn. Lowest temperatures 1 to 4C, risk of a grass frost in rural areas.

/reports/2016/05/02/foc_2.gif Wednesday
High pressure influences much of the country. Plenty of sunshine in the south & east. Thicker cloud toward the north-west. A slow moving front brings persistent rain to north-west Scotland and far west of Ireland. Breezy, strongest winds in the north-west, but light winds in the far south-east. Much warmer than recent weeks for all, highs 15 to 18C, although nearer 11C where rain lingers in the western Scotland.

/reports/2016/05/02/foc_3.gif Thursday
High pressure toward the east promotes a warm southerly flow across the country. Largely dry, with plenty of sunshine across England and Wales. A weakening cold front trails across Scotland, producing cloud and a little rain. A few showers possible for Ireland. Light winds overall, although a fresh breeze may affect northern Scotland. Feeling pleasantly warm for most, highs 15 to 19C.


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