UK Forecast- October 09, 2015

Occasional sunshine

Increasingly cool breeze

/reports/2015/10/09/foc_0.gif Saturday
High pressure to the east of Britain maintains dry weather for most areas. Fronts toward the west & north-west bring cloudy conditions and intermittent light rain to western regions of Scotland & Ireland. Elsewhere, sunshine will come through fairly often, best northern England, and perhaps west Wales. An easterly breeze for England & Wales, strongest around the south coast. Sunshine likely best in north & east. Cool at first, daytime highs 14 to 16C.

/reports/2015/10/09/foc_1.gif Saturday night
An easterly breeze continues overnight, strongest around coasts in the east and south. A fair amount of cloud for many areas, but generally staying dry across Britain and Ireland. A few spots of drizzly rain in the west. Overnight lows between 6 and 10C, locally a little lower in some sheltered valleys in the north & west where skies clear.

/reports/2015/10/09/foc_2.gif Sunday
The British Isles will be sandwiched between various weather systems, with high pressure east and west, and low pressure north and south. Most of Britain should remain dry, but a lot of cloud is likely, and quite murky for many areas in the morning. A little sunshine may gradually break through. Some drizzly rain for north-western Scotland & Ireland. A cool easterly breeze in the south, and south-easterly for Scotland. Temperatures 13 to 16C.

/reports/2015/10/09/foc_3.gif Monday
High pressure centred west of the British Isles brings dry weather to most areas. A cold front passing across northern Scotland brings some rain to the north-east early in the day. A good amount of sunshine for England & Wales, although areas of cloud may drift onto eastern regions. A breeze from the north-east will maintain a cool feel. Early fog patches in central & western areas, and risk slight frost in Wales & northern England. Highs 12 to 15C.


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