UK Forecast- January 26, 2015

Cloudy for most

Rain tonight

/reports/2015/01/26/foc_0.gif Tuesday
A weak ridge of high pressure builds through the country on Tuesday. This brings plenty of dry weather, but there will be a fair amount of cloud around as well. Thicker cloud affecting western coasts and hills, producing some rain in western Scotland, and drizzle for the high ground of northwest England and west Wales. Elsewhere the afternoon should be staying dry with the best chance of any sunshine in the southeast. Highs at 4 to 7C.

/reports/2015/01/26/foc_1.gif Tuesday Night
Increasing winds through Scotland tonight brings rain through Ireland and Scotland by midnight. This then spread east to all areas in the early hours as the winds continue to increase with gusts reaching gale force. East Anglia and southeast England should be staying dry until morning. Lows near 2 to 6C.

/reports/2015/01/26/foc_2.gif Wednesday
A cold front passes east on Wednesday morning, introducing a much colder blast of air. This brings rain, quickly turning to snow as it passes eastwards and perhaps giving a covering of snow in places. Winds gusting in excess of 50mph. Heavy snow showers then follow to the west, these heavy at times with significant accumulations over the hills of Scotland, northwest England, Ireland and North Wales. Highs near 2 to 9C.

/reports/2015/01/26/foc_3.gif Thursday
Low pressure to the northeast of Scotland on Thursday. The cold weather persists across the country. There will be snow showers, most in western areas where some could be heavy. Fewer to the east with brighter skies here. Highs at 1 to 3C but feeling much colder in the wind.


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