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UK Forecast- June 24, 2016

Heavy showers Saturday

Rain in north-west Sunday

/reports/2016/06/24/foc_0.gif Saturday
Low pressure across the country brings areas of slow moving showers to many areas, these most widespread by afternoon. Some heavy and thundery bursts, and may result in persistent rain over several hours in central, eastern & northern areas. Showers drifting slowly east into East Anglia in the afternoon, whilst western parts of England & Wales become brighter as a north-westerly breeze freshens. Some sunshine. Rare showers for Ireland. Highs 17 to 20C.

/reports/2016/06/24/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Showers will slowly fade into the evening and night, leaving most places dry. Variable amounts of cloud and some clear spells. Local mist patches may form in low lying districts following the rain. Patchy rain will reach Ireland from the west before dawn. Light to moderate westerly breezes, strongest in southern Britain. Lowest temperatures 9 to 12C for most, locally slightly cooler in rural northern England & Scotland.

/reports/2016/06/24/foc_2.gif Sunday
A warm front brings thickening cloud from the west, although central & southern Britain will see a largely dry and bright day. Drizzly rain reaches Wales & north-west England. Some persistent rain will affect Northern Ireland, then spreading across Scotland from the west in the afternoon. A few showers in eastern England. A westerly breeze will freshen on coasts in the south & west. Highs 15 to 17C in the north, up to 19 to 21C east & south.

/reports/2016/06/24/foc_3.gif Monday
A weakening cold front passes across Britain early morning, leaving cloud and patchy rain in the south-east for a few hours. Brighter skies and sunny spells soon follow into the west & north. Many will stay largely dry all day, but expect passing light showers, particularly toward the north-west, most widespread by afternoon. A fresh westerly breeze, strongest in the north. Temperatures between 16 and 20C from north to south.


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