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UK Forecast- October 20, 2017

Wind and rain

Stormy seas south-west

/reports/2017/10/20/foc_0.gif Saturday
'Storm Brian' brings strong to gale force winds to central & southern Britain & Ireland - gusts 60-70mph around exposed coasts in the south & south-west, where dangerous high seas are expected. Inland gusts 40-50mph+ are possible. A belt of rain clears from the north-east. Clusters of heavy showers will follow, which in western areas will merge into areas of constant rain for several hours. Lighter winds in Scotland. Temperatures 10 to 15C.

/reports/2017/10/20/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Areas of heavy showery rain will continue into the evening and night for west & north-western regions, merging into longer periods of rain. Bands of showers are likely to pass eastwards into central England. Drier further south & east, with clear spells developing. Staying windy, with the strongest gusts for central-northern England, risk 50-60mph or more over higher ground. Temperatures 8 to 12C.

/reports/2017/10/20/foc_2.gif Sunday
Low pressure moves out into the North Sea and begins to fill. However, it leaves a cool and blustery day with some heavy showery rain. Locally, rain may persist for many hours across north-west England, the north Midlands and perhaps into East Anglia. A few showers elsewhere, but southern regions may escape largely dry with sunny spells. Rain returns to Ireland from the west by evening. Strong westerly winds will gradually ease. Highs 10 to 14C.

/reports/2017/10/20/foc_3.gif Monday
Generally grey and damp. A cool start, but becoming milder as a warm front pushes east across Britain. Overcast skies, with extensive fog for western hills, and murky around south-western coasts. Persistent rain in the west, heavy over the hills, with outbreaks of rain or drizzle spreading to most places through the day, but amounts small to the east of high ground. South-westerly winds. Temperatures rising to 12 to 16C.


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