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United Kingdom

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UK Forecast- February 20, 2017

Mild, rain at times

Often windy, becoming cooler

/reports/2017/02/20/foc_0.gif Tuesday
A grey and damp start for central & southern Britain - some locally persistent rain or drizzle. Amounts fairly small and should fade in East Anglia & the south-east. Wales & the south-west stay murky all day. Rain turns more persistent for western regions through the day, heaviest in north-western Britain & Ireland later. Brightest in the north-east, some sunshine. Freshening south-westerly winds. Mild, 10 to 14C.

/reports/2017/02/20/foc_1.gif Tuesday night
Heavy rain affects north-western Britain & Ireland, advancing slowly south-east across northern England & Wales, reaching the north Midlands before dawn - wettest over western hills. Cloudy skies and patchy drizzle for central & southern Britain, but it stays mild here at 9 or 10C. In Scotland, skies may clear later in the night, allowing temperatures to dip to 3 to 5C, although showers follow into the far north-west.

/reports/2017/02/20/foc_2.gif Wednesday
A cold front passes southwards across central Britain in the morning, giving some persistent rain and local heavy bursts. Brightening skies follow from the north, leaving scattered showers. Southern areas are likely to hold onto cloud and drizzly rain. Showers affect Scotland, mainly in the north-west - wintry over the Highlands. Blustery westerly winds, gales in far north-east, strongest in the morning. Highs 8 to 12C.

/reports/2017/02/20/foc_3.gif Thursday
Low pressure passes quickly eastwards across the country, bringing a spell of wet and windy weather to all regions, possible gales for a time. Conditions should improve from the west, with brighter skies and a scattering of showers. Rain may remain frequent in the north. Risk of snow over higher ground in the north as colder follows into the back of the system. Winds easing through the day. Highs 6 to 10C.


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