UK Forecast- April 18, 2014

Dry in the main

A Wet Easter Day South

/reports/2014/04/18/foc_0.gif Saturday
Central and eastern parts of England will be largely dry with a mixture of cloud and sunny spells, although one or two isolated showers may affect parts of East Anglia and the southeast. Northern and western areas will be dry and quite sunny. It will feel quite chilly in a brisk north east wind despite high temperatures of 11 to 15 Celsius.

/reports/2014/04/18/foc_1.gif Saturday Night
Most parts of the country will have a dry and to the day and some lady sunshine to come. Overnight it will be quite windy across England and Wales as an area of rain spreads into East Anglia and the far south of England. Minimum temperatures of 2 to 6 Celsius.

/reports/2014/04/18/foc_2.gif Easter Sunday
A windy day to come across England and Wales. Outbreaks of heavy rain across East Anglia and the south are expected to push north, although the northern extent is a bit uncertain at this time. Presently it's most likely to be wet on a line from Manchester to the Wash. Mostly fair and dry north of this area into northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. By tonight the rain may be restricted to Wales and southwest England. Expect maximum temperatures of 12 to 16 Celsius are expected.

/reports/2014/04/18/foc_3.gif Easter Monday
Mild today. Some patchy rain may linger across the far southwest of England, otherwise expect a mixture of cloud, sunny spells and scattered showers, a few the showers could be heavy in the afternoon. We may keep a good deal of cloud throughout the night with the risk of some patchy rain across Scotland, northern England into Wales and southwest England, although confidence is low on this. Expect maximum temperatures of 13 to 17 Celsius.


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