United Kingdom

UK Forecast- July 31, 2014

An unsettled weekend

Slow moving heavy rain

/reports/2014/07/31/foc_0.gif Friday
A broad area of low pressure will affect the UK and Ireland on Friday. A complex series of fronts affect the north, west and south-west. Frequent outbreaks of rain for Scotland, some heavy bursts developing. Rain on and off for Wales, plus northern and western areas of England all day. Showery for Ireland. Rain turns heavier in the south-west during the afternoon. The east and south-east of England will stay largely dry, with a little sunshine during the morning before clouds thicken from the west. Rain may start to encroach across the East Midlands and into eastern counties through the afternoon. A south-westerly breeze for England and Wales, strengthening in south-western areas. Temperatures 15 to 19C in the west and north-west, but warmer 23 to 25C for the Midlands and south-east.

/reports/2014/07/31/foc_1.gif Friday night
Rain becomes increasingly extensive across England during Friday evening, heaviest toward the south-west. Thunderstorms over northern France also threaten to spread northwards across the English Channel to affect south-eastern England. Heavy rain is expected to affect Wales and the west during the night, and perhaps also eastern parts of Ireland. Scotland and Northern Ireland may still see a few showery bursts, but becoming drier. Overnight temperatures between 9 and 15C, coolest in Scotland.

/reports/2014/07/31/foc_2.gif Saturday
Low pressure will be positioned over the UK on Saturday, bringing slow moving areas of rain and heavy showers. The heaviest rain is expected to affect western regions of England and Wales, extending into northern England and southern Scotland. Even away from these areas, there is still the risk of heavy bursts, which may give a couple of hours of rain. Mostly light winds, although gusty around some coasts, and near heavy showers. Temperatures ranging from 17 to 24C, cool where rain persists.

/reports/2014/07/31/foc_3.gif Sunday
Low pressure moves slowly northwards on Sunday, but may still bring a spell of heavy and thundery rain to northern England and Scotland, accompanied by gusty winds. Conditions slowly improving from the south, but there may still be a few heavy bursts of rain scattered across England and Wales. South-eastern England and southern parts of Ireland should fare best for some sunshine. Brighter skies slowly extend northwards through the day. Warm and feeling humid in sunshine, temperatures rising to 24C in the south, but much cooler where rain persists.


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