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UK Forecast- November 28, 2015

Wet and windy

Gales expected, milder

/reports/2015/11/28/foc_0.gif Sunday
Very windy with gales across England and Wales. Gusts to 70 mph to affect western coasts with gusts possible to 50 mph possible inland. Cloudy, unsettled day to come with outbreaks of rain. This looks heaviest across the north and the west. Snow is likely on the hills of northern Scotland. Rainfall totals will be quite small across central and eastern parts of England. Expect maximums across the country of 5 to 8 Celsius across Scotland but a milder 10 to 13 Celsius across England and Wales.

/reports/2015/11/28/foc_1.gif Sunday night
It continues windy into the evening and the night across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Overall it's going to remain damp with further pulses of rain this evening and overnight. Colder across Scotland with scattered snow showers. Perhaps eastern parts of England may escape largely dry. Expect lows of 3 to 8 Celsius.

/reports/2015/11/28/foc_2.gif Monday
Very windy across Wales, The Midlands, East Anglia and the south east today. Outbreaks of rain are expected across Northern Ireland, England and Wales, some of it heavy. Drier across Scotland with a few wintry showers. Wet and windy across Britain tonight with spells of heavy rain that could lead to local flooding in the north west. Expect top temperatures of 6 to 13 Celsius.

/reports/2015/11/28/foc_3.gif Tuesday
Another cloudy, windy and damp day across the United Kingdom. Gusts of 60 mph are possible in the north and the west. Outbreaks of rain will be heaviest across Scotland, Northern Ireland and north west England. Eastern parts of England will see little rainfall amounts. More rain into the night across Scotland, northern England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As it turns colder the rain changes to snow across Scotland. Expect top temperatures of 8 to 11 Celsius.


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