UK Forecast- November 20, 2014

Cloudy and damp

Mild in south-east Saturday

/reports/2014/11/20/foc_0.gif Friday
A cloudy and dull day for most areas. Patchy drizzle spreads northwards across southern England toward the Midlands, turning more persistent for Wales and the south-west. Rain also spreads north across Ireland, with some moderate periods of rain. Staying dry overall for Scotland and northern England, although a few drizzly showers may affect eastern Scotland. Best of any sunshine mostly restricted to north-west Scotland. A south-easterly breeze, strongest around western coasts and hills. Temperatures 7 to 9C for most, may reach 11 or 12C in the south-west later.

/reports/2014/11/20/foc_1.gif Friday night
Rain continues to spread north during the evening and overnight, heaviest and most persistent for western Britain and eastern Ireland on Friday evening. Rain affects Scotland and northern England in the early hours, and persists into early Saturday. A lot of cloud, and light southerly winds will lead to a mild night for most areas, and temperatures may continue to rise for a few hours after dark. Low temperatures around 7 to 10C for most, and may well stay close to 12C in southern England.

/reports/2014/11/20/foc_2.gif Saturday
Low pressure is centred north-west of Britain on Saturday. A weakening front stretches from north-east to south-west across central areas of England, producing a cloudy and damp day, with patchy rain and drizzle, and a few heavier bursts from time to time. Scattered showers for western regions of Ireland and Scotland. Bright skies and sunshine for eastern Ireland, much of Wales and north-west England. Dry overall in the south-east, where it feel mild at 13 or 14C, perhaps locally 15C. Nearer 10 to 12C for Wales and northern England, and cooler at 8 to 10C for Ireland and Scotland. By evening, heavier rain sets in for south-western Britain, spreading north overnight.

/reports/2014/11/20/foc_3.gif Sunday
A slow moving front is expected to extend from south-west to north-east across England. Some uncertainties about the exact location, but an area of rain may well affect most central and eastern regions for most of the day, extending into Yorkshire and the north-east. Later brighter skies spread into south-western Britain. A dry, bright but cool day for Ireland, and also most of Scotland, with some sunshine, although the far north-west may see blustery showers. Beneath the rain it will feel noticeably cool and unpleasant, struggling to 6 or 7C. Nearer 8 or 9C in brighter skies in the west, perhaps 11 or 12C in south-east England.


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