UK Forecast- April 19, 2015

Sunnier, warmer

Staying settled & dry

/reports/2015/04/19/foc_0.gif Monday
High pressure over the country will give the United Kingdom a fine, dry day with lots more in the way of sunshine to come than we had on Sunday. With more sun and lighter winds, it will feel pleasantly warm in the south. Perhaps today more cloud may affect Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland. Expect maximum temperatures of 12 to 18 Celsius.

/reports/2015/04/19/foc_1.gif Monday night
Through the evening it is going to remain dry and most of the cloud across northern parts of Britain will clear away. With light winds and clear skies across the country expect a rather cold night with a frost developing across rural areas. Some fog patches my also form by morning. Expect lows of 1 to 5 Celsius.

/reports/2015/04/19/foc_2.gif Tuesday
Tuesday that high maintains and is going to give another dry, mostly sunny day after a cold start. Best of the sun is likely to be across central and southern parts of England where it will feel pleasantly warm. More cloud may develop in the afternoon across Scotland and northern parts of England. It will remain fine into the evening and the night with well broken cloud, some mist patches and a risk of a frost in the countryside across northern Britain. Expect top temperatures of 14 to 18 Celsius.

/reports/2015/04/19/foc_3.gif Wednesday
A breezy day to come across Wales and the southern half of England. Another fine, dry day to come across the country with early fog patches in the north clearing. Lots of sunshine is expected through the day but more cloud spreads down into Scotland in the afternoon. A fine evening with some late sunshine. Overnight we may find an area of cloud spreading into East Anglia, The Midlands and south east England. Expect top temperatures of 13 to 18 Celsius.


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