UK Forecast- August 29, 2015

Pulses of rain into the south

Unsettled into Tuesday

/reports/2015/08/29/foc_0.gif Sunday
With bands of rain arcing up across Wales and central and southern parts of England, the exact detail of the precipitation pattern may vary. An area of heavy rain may be across The Midlands into south west England this pushes off to the north east tending to clear by afternoon. Another bands may run in across England in the afternoon. A number of showers, some heavy may affect Northern Ireland and north western parts of Scotland. Much of northern England, western Wales and the rest of Scotland should be fair and dry. Expect top temperatures across the country of 16 to 20C Celsius.

/reports/2015/08/29/foc_1.gif Sunday night
This evening we may see an area of rain lingering from north eastern parts of England down through the Midlands into the West Country. To the north and the south it looks essentially dry. Overnight that rain may intensify as it moves across the Midlands towards East Anglia and the south. A cool night in the north where it's dry with clear spells. Quiet warm in the south east. Expect lows of 6 to 10 Celsius for Scotland and 12 to 16 Celsius for England and Wales.

/reports/2015/08/29/foc_2.gif Monday
For central and southern parts of England it's looking cloudy, misty and damp for much of the day with spells of rain. Brighter in the south west and across Wales and northern parts of England with a few widely, scattered showers. A number of showers to affect Northern Ireland and western Scotland, fair and dry in the east. We expect the rain in the south to clear away in the evening with much of Britain dry overnight. Expect high temperatures of 16 to 21 Celsius.

/reports/2015/08/29/foc_3.gif Tuesday
A brisk north west wind develop across the country today. Occasional showers are expected across Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England in the morning with the south fair and dry. In the afternoon any place could catch a shower but there will be a good deal of dry weather around as well. The showers may be on the heavy side in the north. In the evening the showers tend to fade and become restricted to western and eastern coasts in the night. Expect top temperatures of 15 to 20 Celsius.


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