UK Forecast- April 17, 2015

Sunshine, but a cool breeze

More cloud on Sunday

/reports/2015/04/17/foc_0.gif Saturday
High pressure centred north of Scotland will bring a dry and bright day to most areas. Patchy low cloud early morning will tend to break up, leaving extensive strong sunshine across Britain and Ireland. A strong easterly wind will affect southern regions, reaching near gale force in the English Channel. On the coast in eastern and southern Britain it will feel noticeably cool. Very little wind overall across Scotland. Temperatures reaching 12 to 15C, highest in sheltered western regions, but feeling cool in the east, and close to North Sea coasts it may struggle to reach 10C.

/reports/2015/04/17/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Most areas will keep clear spells overnight, although cloud may move onto eastern coastal areas of England and Scotland. The easterly breeze will remain strong in the south. Highland glens, plus sheltered western valleys of England and Wales may see a touch of frost, with temperatures locally dipping below freezing. Overnight lows typically in the range 1 to 5C.

/reports/2015/04/17/foc_2.gif Sunday
High pressure stays positioned to the north of the British Isles. A north-easterly flow, although the breeze not quite as strong as Saturday in the south. However, it will still feel chilly in exposure. Low cloud is expected to become increasingly widespread, drifting inland off the North Sea. Locally this may be thick enough to give a little drizzle across central and eastern England, although most will remain dry. Best of the sunshine toward the west. Temperatures just 9 to 12C in the east and where cloud persists, but in sunnier western areas of Britain and Ireland, highs may reach 16C in shelter.

/reports/2015/04/17/foc_3.gif Monday
High pressure resides broadly across Britain and Ireland. A cool north-easterly breeze will affect southern coastal areas. Lighter winds across the Midlands and toward the north. It will remain dry, but banks of low cloud will affect central and eastern regions of Britain, although may break up through the day. Lengthy periods of sunshine again toward the west of Britain and also Ireland. Highs of 16 or 17C in shelter to the west of high ground in Wales, Scotland and north-west England, but on the east coast nearer 10C.


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