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United Kingdom

UK Forecast- July 27, 2016

Grey and damp Thursday

Sunshine & showers Friday & Weekend

/reports/2016/07/27/foc_0.gif Thursday
A shallow area of low pressure passes east across Britain. A warm front advances from the west into the Midlands in the morning, reaching the east by afternoon. Extensive low cloud, a mix of patchy drizzle and some heavier showery bursts. A cold front follows, bringing a clearance to western areas into the afternoon. Mainly fair in northern Scotland, but a few showers. Breezy in the south, lighter winds north. Highs 16 to 22C.

/reports/2016/07/27/foc_1.gif Thursday night
Residual outbreaks of rain will tend to fade from most areas, but showery rain may continue to drift into north-western England and Wales through the night, leaving local showers into the morning. Passing showers in northern Scotland too. Cloud breaking across central and eastern areas. Breezy in the south, particularly around coasts, light winds north. Temperatures 11 to 14C for many, but may dip to 6 or 7C in the Scottish Highlands.

/reports/2016/07/27/foc_2.gif Friday
An occluded front passes south-east across England & Wales. Broken cloud and some sunshine. Expect a scattering of showers to develop for central & eastern regions into the afternoon, but few toward the south & west, where sunshine may develop widely near the coasts. In Scotland, showers throughout the day in the north-west, spreading eastwards by afternoon. Feeling fresh in a westerly breeze, 16 to 19 north & west; 20 to 22C south & east.

/reports/2016/07/27/foc_3.gif Saturday
Low pressure over Scandinavia promotes a north-westerly flow across the country. Broken cloud and sunshine, typically best in coastal areas of the south & west. Scattered showers, which in eastern counties may locally band together to give frequent bursts of rain by afternoon. A few showers may develop over mid-Wales and drift into the Midlands. Breezy in the north, lighter winds south. Highs 16 to 18C north, 20 to 22C south.


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