United Kingdom

UK Forecast- January 30, 2015

Often dry & bright inland

Cold winds, snow showers

/reports/2015/01/30/foc_0.gif Saturday
A cold northerly wind will bring bands of sleet and snow southwards. Most persistent snow for eastern and western coastal regions of Britain, plus northern areas of Ireland, and north-eastern Scotland, particularly Moray, Aberdeenshire and the Cairngorms region, where snow may persist most of the day. Further accumulations of snow are likely, not just restricted to higher ground. Inland regions of northern England, the Midlands and southern England are likely to remain drier and brighter overall with sunshine. Daytime highs around 5C in the south, to 3C in northern regions, but feeling sub-zero in a strong northerly wind, reaching gale force around coasts and hills in the north and west.

/reports/2015/01/30/foc_1.gif Saturday night
An area of snow is expected to persist for eastern Scotland into Saturday evening, increasingly spreading southwards into south-east Scotland north-east England, although with some uncertainty about the extent and duration of snowfall. Clusters of snow showers are likely to continue for north Wales too. Elsewhere, variable cloud and patchy snow will come and go throughout the night, perhaps giving local further slight accumulations. Where skies clear, temperatures may fall to -5C, but for most it will stay in the range +2 to -1C.

/reports/2015/01/30/foc_2.gif Sunday
A cold northerly wind affects Britain and Ireland, but for many it will be a dry and bright day, with plenty of sunshine. A few wintry flurries in the south early morning. Snow showers pushing southwards along North Sea coasts, although unlikely to affect areas just inland. Strongest winds locally gusting gale force on the east coast. Snow flurries will affect northern Scotland and northern areas of Ireland. Clusters of wintry showers are also expected to move south through the Irish Sea, affecting north Wales, Pembrokeshire, also western Devon and Cornwall. Later, thickening cloud across south-western Ireland brings patchy rain or sleet by evening here. Temperatures struggling to reach 1 or 2C in northern areas, nearer 3 or 4C in southern Britain, but everywhere feeling sub-zero in the wind.

/reports/2015/01/30/foc_3.gif Monday
A chilly northerly flow continues to affect Britain and Ireland on Monday. The wind not as strong as previous days, with widespread ice and frost to start the day. Snow showers most frequent in areas exposed to the northerly flow, mostly confined to eastern coastal counties of England and Scotland, plus northern Scotland, north and west Wales. Ireland too will see frequent snow showers moving southwards. Occasional sunshine and fewer showers in central areas of Britain. Low risk of an area of sleet and snow affecting the south-west as a small area of low pressure moves south-east toward Biscay. Temperatures not far above freezing in the north, around 3C for the Midlands to 4 or 5C in southern England.


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