United Kingdom

UK Forecast- October 30, 2014

Warm sunshine Friday

Cloudy north; rain developing west

/reports/2014/10/30/foc_0.gif Friday
A southerly airflow across the British Isles produces a very mild day. Clouds breaking across the Midlands and south, with warm sunshine developing extensively for most of England and Wales, best toward the south and east. Low cloud and drizzly light rain for Scotland, and also early in the morning for north-western England and Wales. A cold front moves in from the west, bringing rain across Ireland, turning heavy. Rain arrives in western Scotland toward evening. Gales developing around exposed western coasts and hills. Highs widely reaching 17 to 19C for the Midlands, eastern and southern England, locally may reach 20C. In Wales, warmest temperature of 19 or 20C possible to the lee of high ground in north Wales. Scotland and Ireland 14 to 17C.

/reports/2014/10/30/foc_1.gif Friday night
A mild night for most areas, with a lot of cloud. Rain spreads eastwards across England and Wales, but fragmenting to just patchy light rain for the Midlands and eastern counties. Showery rain continues for western Scotland. Clouds already thickening over western Ireland toward dawn, ahead of the next area of rain soon arriving on Saturday morning. Lows of 7 or 8C for Ireland and Scotland, but for England and Wales remaining very mild at 11 to 13C.

/reports/2014/10/30/foc_2.gif Saturday
Low pressure is positioned to the north-west on Saturday. A weakening cold front brings a little patchy rain and cloud to the east and south-east of England in the morning, but clearing away eastwards. Brighter skies in south-western, central and north-eastern Britain for a good part of Saturday, with occasional sunshine. However, cloud soon thickening in the west, and rain setting in across Ireland during the morning, spreading into western parts of Britain by mid-afternoon. Breezy for all, increasingly windy in the west, with gales around coasts and hills. Still mild in the south and east at 15 to 17C, but nearer 12 to 14C elsewhere.

/reports/2014/10/30/foc_3.gif Sunday
Breezy and unsettled. A band of rain moves east across Britain overnight, and brings a wet start to the day in the south-east. A slow moving area of rain may linger in south-eastern Britain, slowly brightening up from the west. The Midlands and northern areas are bright and breezy. Frequent showers will spread into western regions of Britain and Ireland, at times merging into longer periods of rain. Gales over exposed coasts and hills in the north. Highs 11 to 15C, coolest in the north-west.


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