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United Kingdom

UK Forecast- June 26, 2016

Drier, sunny

Turning wet and windy

/reports/2016/06/26/foc_0.gif Monday
An area of showers will affect Scotland and Northern Ireland in the morning and some of these will work their way south into Cumbria late in the day. For much of the rest of the country we can expect a good deal of cloud but it will be essentially dry. The cloud may break to give a few fleeting, sunnier moments. Parts of the south west of England look dry with the best of the sunshine. Expect maximum temperatures of 13 to 18 Celsius.

/reports/2016/06/26/foc_1.gif Monday night
A number of showers will persist across the north west of Scotland into the evening and the night. Occasional showers across north west England and North Wales will die away this evening. Most parts of Britain will have a dry evening with cloud melting away to late evening sunshine. Most areas will then have a dry night with clear spells. Expect minimums of 8 to 12 Celsius.

/reports/2016/06/26/foc_2.gif Tuesday
Increasingly windy today, particularly in the south as outbreaks of moderate to heavy rain sweeps into all but East Anglia and the south east of England during the morning. Gusts to 40 mph will affect the channel coast. Heavy showers affects Scotland and Northern Ireland in the afternoon whole England and Wales will be quite wet and windy. Rain lingers across parts of eastern England this evening. Most areas will be dry overnight with showers near western coasts. Expect top temperatures of 14 to 17 Celsius.

/reports/2016/06/26/foc_3.gif Wednesday
Wednesday looks like a repeat of Tuesday as another area of low pressure swings in from the south west with strong winds affecting the south of England as another batch of heavy rain runs in across England and Wales. Showers will continue on and off across Northern Ireland and Scotland. Any residual rain left across the south east in the evening soon clears. A dry night to come across much of Inland Britain. Expect top temperatures of 14 to 17 Celsius.


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