United Kingdom

UK Forecast- March 27, 2015

Rain sweeps east

Gales in north

/reports/2015/03/27/foc_0.gif Saturday
Wet and windy to start Saturday morning in Scotland and Ireland. Winds will be to gale force and the rain may be heavy at times. A band of rain passing across northern England, Wales and southwest England. Becoming drier in Scotland, although some showers in the west. The band of showery rain will affect other areas of England and Wales, before drier weather arrives. Turning brighter in eastern areas in the afternoon, although always tending to be cloudier to the west with showers at times. Highs near 7 to 14C.

/reports/2015/03/27/foc_1.gif Saturday night
A breezy night with rain for most. The first area of rain affecting western Scotland and Ireland before midnight. Then a further area of cloud and rain arriving across England, Wales and Ireland through the early hours, with the most persistent and heavier rain in western Wales and western England. Lows at 4 to 7C.

/reports/2015/03/27/foc_2.gif Sunday
Low pressure will be to the north of Scotland on Sunday. A westerly flow through all areas, with fronts bringing periods of rain. The most persistent of the rain in more southern and western parts of England and Wales. Heavy showers or longer spells of rain affecting Scotland and Ireland. Western areas seeing most of the cloud and rain, but eastern areas could be brighter at times. Windy in the far south, highs at a cool 6 to 9C in Scotland, 9 to 14C in other areas.

/reports/2015/03/27/foc_3.gif Monday
A weak ridge of high pressure on Monday morning, but fronts will be rushing in from the west with low pressure moving into Scotland. A fair start to the day for many, but cloud quickly increasing from the west. This brings cloud and rain, some of it heavy at times over Scotland and northern England as well as Wales, southwest England and Ireland. Less rain to the southeast, although still damp here. Winds increasing with gales becoming widespread. Highs at 7 to 12C and mild for most.


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