UK Forecast- October 03, 2015

Foggy then fair, dry

Windier, wet tonight in south

/reports/2015/10/03/foc_0.gif Sunday
A chilly, misty start to the day with dense fog patches being slow to clear parts of the Midlands and northern England. These will lift into low cloud and in the afternoon the cloud should break to some occasional sunnier spells. All parts of Britain will be dry throughout the morning and the afternoon but the far west of Cornwall may just see some light rain edging in by afternoon's end as the winds freshen from the south east. Expect top temperatures across the country of 14 to 18C Celsius.

/reports/2015/10/03/foc_1.gif Sunday night
This evening gales will affect Cornwall with gusts to 50 mph around the coasts. It also becomes very windy across Wales, Northern Ireland and England into the night. A front associated with heavy pockets of rain will work it's way up into Wales and southern parts of England during the evening and the night. To the north it's going to remain dry with clear spells across Scotland. Not as cold tonight with the rain and wind across England and Wales but still chilly across Scotland. Expect lows of 5 to 7 Celsius in the north and 10 to 15 Celsius in the south.

/reports/2015/10/03/foc_2.gif Monday
A very windy day to come across Britain. Generally a cloudy, unsettled day with outbreaks of moderate to heavy rain. The heaviest likely across northern England and Scotland with the far south drying up briefly in the morning. Still windy and wet into the evening and the night with pulses of persistent rain moving up across the country from the south west. Expect top temperatures of 15 to 19 Celsius.

/reports/2015/10/03/foc_3.gif Tuesday
Very windy across southern England and Wales today with gusts up to 50 mph possible around channel coasts. Further spells of rain with heavy showers are likely across the country during the morning. In the afternoon we may see some improvement with a few sunnier spells and occasional showers. The evening and night it remains windy and cloudy with spells of rain. Expect top temperatures of 14 to 18 Celsius.


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