UK Forecast- May 28, 2015

Heavy rain moving east

Brighter Saturday

/reports/2015/05/28/foc_0.gif Friday
An active frontal system moves east across England and Wales during Friday, bringing heavy rain over a few hours. Some torrential bursts are possible, risk of hail and thunder, the system moving across eastern England by afternoon, and clearing from western areas. Some uncertainty about the northern extent of the rain, reaching about Lancs/Yorks. Heavy showers for Scotland, northern England and northern parts of Ireland. Snow over the tops of the Scottish Highlands. Feeling cool in a strong and gusty westerly winds, touching gale force for a time near the English Channel. Temperatures struggling to do better than 10C in the north, up to 15 or 16C in southern Britain.

/reports/2015/05/28/foc_1.gif Friday night
Clusters of showers continue for northern Britain and Ireland on Friday evening and night, mostly exposed coastal regions. Broken cloud for the Midlands and southern Britain. A westerly breeze will continue, blustery around coasts and hills. The wind will drop for Ireland. Overnight lows 4 to 7C, but a few sheltered spots may drop slightly lower.

/reports/2015/05/28/foc_2.gif Saturday
A brief ridge of high pressure builds from the south-west across the country, leading to a dry and bright day for many, with sunshine breaking through. Showers in northern Britain in the morning, a few may continue in north-eastern areas into the afternoon. A southerly breeze will freshen for Ireland and western Britain. High cloud thickens ahead of fronts spreading from the west, bringing rain to Ireland by afternoon and evening, spreading into western Britain by nightfall. Highs 13 to 17C.

/reports/2015/05/28/foc_3.gif Sunday
A trough of low pressure and fronts will spread across all areas. Precise timing remains uncertain, but the heaviest rain in the west early morning will then extend across most of Britain during the middle of the day. Brighter skies developing for Ireland and western Britain, but a scattering of showers will follow from the west. Blustery winds and feeling cool, particularly in the north. Highs 11 to 16C for many, perhaps up to 18C in the south once rain clears.


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