UK Forecast- April 15, 2014

Plenty of sunshine

Chilly start

/reports/2014/04/15/foc_0.gif Wednesday
A cold and chilly start to the morning on Wednesday. There will be good spells of sunshine across much of England and Wales, these lasting throughout the day. More sunshine to come in eastern Scotland. Thicker cloud will move into northwestern Scotland and western Ireland bringing some showery outbreaks of rain here this afternoon. Temperatures rising to around 10 to 16C.

/reports/2014/04/15/foc_1.gif Wednesday night
Staying dry through tonight for much of England and eastern Wales. Here skies will be clear with a slight ground frost by the morning. Thicker cloud in Scotland and Ireland as well as northwest England and western Wales. Outbreaks of rain in these cloudier areas too, most in western Scotland and Ireland. Lows at 3 to 7C.

/reports/2014/04/15/foc_2.gif Thursday
High pressure extends across the central Atlantic and into western Russia on Thursday. A westerly flow through the British Isles and Ireland with an occluded front bringing some showery outbreaks of rain in Scotland. Broken cloud in southern England. Drier elsewhere with broken cloud. Highs at a warm 19C in southern England, but a cold 8C in the far north of Scotland.

/reports/2014/04/15/foc_3.gif Friday
A ridge of high pressure extends through Ireland and the UK on Friday. This should bring plenty of dry weather, especially in the west and south. Some cloud and showers in eastern parts of Scotland and eastern England. The best of the sunshine always in the west. Tops at a cooler 8 to 14C.


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