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UK Forecast- November 29, 2015

Rain and gales


/reports/2015/11/29/foc_0.gif Monday
Very windy with gales across southern England and Wales. Gusts to 60 mph to affect western coasts with gusts possible to 50 mph possible inland. Outbreaks of rain heavy rain affects Wales and northern parts of England this morning, mainly dry to the north and the south albeit cloudy. The heavy rain persists across Wales in the afternoon but becomes lighter as it pushes into central and southern England during the afternoon. It dries up across northern Britain with a few showers for northern Scotland. Expect highs of 5 to 7 Celsius across Scotland but a milder 9 to 13 Celsius across England and Wales.

/reports/2015/11/29/foc_1.gif Monday night
It continues windy into the evening and the night across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. That rain across Wales and southern England in the evening turns heavy again as it moves back north into Northern Ireland, northern England and southern Scotland in the night. There is a risk of flooding across western parts of Wales. Lows of 2 to 5 Celsius for Scotland but up to 12 Celsius in the south of England.

/reports/2015/11/29/foc_2.gif Tuesday
Another cloudy and windy with most of the rain likely across Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. Gales affect the north with gusts to 70 mph for northern Scotland. To the south it stays mainly dry. More rain into the night across Scotland, northern England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Windy and mild tonight with rain and drizzle in the north and the west. Expect top temperatures of 11 to 14 Celsius.

/reports/2015/11/29/foc_3.gif Wednesday
Gales transfer south and diminish through the day. An area of heavy rain across the north and the west in the morning changes to snow across Scotland as it turns colder through the day. Light rain across the south of England and Wales in the evening tends to become heavier in the night. Still mild across England and Wales. Expect top temperatures of 7 to 13 Celsius.


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