UK Forecast- March 05, 2015

Increasingly mild

Persistent rain western Scotland

/reports/2015/03/05/foc_0.gif Friday
High pressure to the south of the British Isles. Fronts are located to the north and west, associated with a deep low south of Greenland. A broad warm sector covers the country, producing a lot of cloud, but generally mild temperatures. Most areas dry, although patchy drizzle or light rain in western Scotland, and locally around western coasts and hills elsewhere. Best of any sunshine for eastern and southern regions. A strong south-westerly breeze affects northern areas, freshening to gale force in the far north-west later. Mostly light winds in the south. Around 8 to 11C for Scotland, northern England and west Wales. Highs of 12 or 13C across central regions of Britain and Ireland.

/reports/2015/03/05/foc_1.gif Friday night
Cloudy and mild for most areas overnight. Strong south-westerly winds in the north, with gales around exposed coast and hills. Breezy in the south. Rain becoming increasingly heavy and persistent across western Scotland. Patchy rain developing for north-western regions of Ireland. Dry elsewhere. A few breaks in the cloud toward the south-east. Lows 5 to 8C.

/reports/2015/03/05/foc_2.gif Saturday
A south-westerly pattern affects Britain and Ireland. Slow moving fronts situated across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Cloudy for most northern and western regions. Persistent, at times heavy rain for western Scotland. Light rain on and off for northern and western regions of Ireland. Low cloud and a little drizzle for coasts and hills of north-west England and west Wales, perhaps also south-west England. Sunshine most widespread toward the south and east of England. Feeling very mild or warm for many in sunshine. Locally warm and sunny too in north-east Scotland. Highs 10 or 11C in the west, but many central and eastern regions reaching 13 to 16C by afternoon.

/reports/2015/03/05/foc_3.gif Sunday
A slow moving front moves gradually southwards during Sunday. Cloudy for many, best of the sunshine in the south-east early in the day. A band of rain is likely to affect Wales and northern England, most persistent over western hills, although mostly light rain. To the east of the Pennines, north-east England may just see a little drizzle. Drizzly rain developing for the Midlands. Brighter skies and sunny spells arriving across Scotland, and slowly too for Ireland after a damp start. A few showers moving into western Scotland. Light winds for most. Highs reaching 15C in the south-east, nearer 10C beneath the rain, and 8C in cooler air over Scotland.


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