UK Forecast- May 25, 2015

Variable cloud

Drizzly rain developing Wednesday

/reports/2015/05/25/foc_0.gif Tuesday
A fair amount of cloud across many areas during Tuesday, but sunshine should break through from time to time, perhaps increasingly so for Wales and northern England by afternoon. Dry almost everywhere, apart from rare spits of drizzle, chiefly in north-west Scotland. The breeze from the north-west will be cool, but where sheltered it will feel quite pleasant. Afternoon highs reaching 15 to 18C, locally 20C in the south, but only 10 to 13C for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

/reports/2015/05/25/foc_1.gif Tuesday night
A lot of cloud across north-western areas, may produce a little drizzle in Western Scotland and Northern Ireland on Tuesday evening and night. Toward dawn, drizzly rain may become more persistent in far western parts of Ireland. Across central, southern and eastern parts of England, also east Wales, it will stay dry with broken cloud. Overnight temperatures around 6 to 8C, but in clear spells locally dropping to around 3C in rural areas.

/reports/2015/05/25/foc_2.gif Wednesday
A ridge of high pressure continues to influence southern Britain, bringing dry conditions to the south and east, and sunshine before clouds thicken from the west. Fronts moving in off the Atlantic bring patchy rain to Ireland, and by afternoon, outbreaks of rain for Wales and Scotland. Turning drizzly and damp for northern England, perhaps also the Midlands. Temperatures 15 to 19C, warmest in the south, but nearer 12C for Scotland and north-west England.

/reports/2015/05/25/foc_3.gif Thursday
A cool and showery day for Britain and Ireland. Low pressure centred north of Scotland will produce a fresh westerly breeze. Showers most frequent northern regions, occasionally heavy, and for western Scotland may merge into a few hours of rain. A scattering of passing showers for the Midlands and southern Britain. A little sunshine. Temperatures rather disappointing, between 11 and 16C from north to south.


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