UK Forecast- August 28, 2015

Mixed weekend

Rain threatens south on Sunday

/reports/2015/08/28/foc_0.gif Saturday
Low pressure to the north-west brings breezy and showery weather to northern Britain and much of Ireland, locally turning heavy, with the odd rumble of thunder, but mixed with some sunshine. A scattering of showers for Wales & the Midlands. Mainly dry with lighter winds in southern Britain, but high level cloud may result in limited sunshine. Later clouds thickening, and risk of some rain toward the south coast. Highs 17 to 21C.

/reports/2015/08/28/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Patchy outbreaks of rain across the English Channel may affect the far south & south-east on Saturday evening and night. Mainly dry elsewhere, and daytime showers will fade. Scattered showers may linger around coastal areas in western Scotland & north-western Ireland. Some clear spells, but often cloudy in the south. Fairly light winds away from the far north-west. Lows 7 to 11C north, 12 to 15C south & east.

/reports/2015/08/28/foc_2.gif Sunday
Some uncertainty about precise details. A slow moving warm front affects central & southern regions of England & Wales, giving intermittent rain, risk occasionally heavy. Showery for Scotland and Ireland, and perhaps a few showers for the Irish Sea and north-west England. Between these areas, from north Wales to north-east England, it may remain largely dry most of the day. Cloudy skies for many. Fairly light winds. Highs 16 to 21C.

/reports/2015/08/28/foc_3.gif Monday
Low confidence in the forecast. Most likely an area of rain in the south-east will soon clear, leaving south-western Britain and Ireland dry and bright. Showers across northern regions becoming heavy, perhaps thundery by afternoon, and spreading south into the Midlands. Small risk of low pressure developing further, and producing a more widespread area of rain and blustery winds across Britain. Temperatures 15 to 20C.


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