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UK Forecast- July 26, 2016

Intermittent rain

Brightening from west Wednesday

/reports/2016/07/26/foc_0.gif Wednesday
Weak fronts move south-eastwards, bringing a lot of cloud and outbreaks of rain or drizzle to central & southern Britain. A few showery bursts in the south-east later. Wales & the south-west soon become mainly dry, but stay rather cloudy. Largely dry with some sunshine for northern England & southern Scotland. Showery in northern Scotland. Breezy, strongest in north, but also blustery near English Channel coasts. Highs 17 to 22C, warmest east.

/reports/2016/07/26/foc_1.gif Wednesday night
Many places will be dry overnight. Residual rain clears from the south-east. Showers in northern Scotland. Clear spells for a time, but cloud will thicken from the west as further fronts approach. Rain spreads across Ireland in the early hours, reaching most western areas of Britain before dawn. Light winds and local mist patches inland. Freshening winds in the south-west. Lows 9 to 13C, locally cooler rural valleys in north.

/reports/2016/07/26/foc_2.gif Thursday
An area of low pressure and associated fronts advances slowly eastwards. Cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain in the west & north-west early morning will spread to the Midlands in middle of the day. A mix of patchy drizzle and some heavier showery bursts. Eastern counties remain dry for many hours before rain develops later. Northern Scotland largely dry, just a few showers. A brisk south-westerly breeze in southern Britain. Highs 16 to 22C.

/reports/2016/07/26/foc_3.gif Friday
Fronts will clear away eastwards in the early hours. Risk a little patchy rain in the south-east at first. Broken cloud and some sunshine, best around the coasts in the afternoon. Showers for Scotland & Northern Ireland, these moving east through the day. A scattering of showers may develop for central & eastern England & Wales into the afternoon, but few toward the south-west. Feeling fresh in a westerly breeze, highs 16 to 21C.


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