UK Forecast- July 28, 2015

Heavy showers

Brightest south & west

/reports/2015/07/28/foc_0.gif Wednesday
A mix of sunny spells and showers, mostly near coasts in north at first, but by early afternoon, becoming increasingly heavy and widespread, particularly for northern & eastern Britain. Locally hail and a rumble of thunder. Driest and brightest in the south-west. Scattered showers for Ireland. Blustery north-westerly winds. Cool again, highs just 13 to 16C in the north, and 19 or 20C in the south-east.

/reports/2015/07/28/foc_1.gif Wednesday night
Bands of showers will continue to affect many areas into the evening and night, locally clustering into several hours of heavy rain, and may persist in northern and eastern areas through until dawn. Becoming dry for central and southern regions, with clearing skies. Breezy around many coasts. Overnight lows typically 7 to 11C, but locally 4C or lower in sheltered Scottish glens and Pennine valleys.

/reports/2015/07/28/foc_2.gif Thursday
Sunshine and scattered showers. Locally heavy bursts of rain, these drifting increasingly toward coastal regions in the east and south-east of England by afternoon. Most likely dry with sunshine in the west and south-west of Britain as a ridge of high pressure builds. A few inland showers for Ireland. Lighter winds than recent days. Ranging from 15C in Scotland, to 21C in brighter spells southern England.

/reports/2015/07/28/foc_3.gif Friday
Low pressure to the north-west and a weak area of high pressure across the south. Much of England & Wales staying dry with sunshine, but clouds thicken from the west as fronts approach, giving increasingly persistent rain for Scotland & Ireland, plus a freshening breeze. Lighter winds in south. Starting cool, highs reaching 21 or 22C for the Midlands and south, but nearer 15C in the north-west.


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