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North America

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Time Period : 01.01 - 08.01
 Average Maximum Temperature (Day)   -8 °C /  1 °C
 Average Minimum Temperature (Night)  -13 °C /  -3 °C
 Highest Temperature observed  30 °C
 Lowest Temperature observed  -24 °C
 Average Hours of Sunshine  **** hours
 Average Days with Precipitation  4 days
 Average Windforce  25 km/h
 Highest Peak Gust observed  68 km/h
 Available Data:  14 years

WeatherOnline's Travel Planner helps you calculating the average weather at a location of your choice, based on recent years data. However, please keep in mind that weather statistics can only provide you with some useful clues for your travel plans. They do not represent the actual weather or forecast.
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St Anthony 42.1 km
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Mary's Harbour Airport 103.5 km
Badger 108.8 km
Ferolle Point (AUT) 111.0 km
Millertown 126.3 km
Blanc-Sablon Airport 126.9 km
Twillingate (AUT) 160.4 km
Daniel's Harbour Airport 165.0 km
Cormack 165.3 km
Deer Lake Airport 169.7 km
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Gander Airport 205.9 km
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Rocky Harbour 208.6 km
Corner Brook 226.6 km
Winterland 241.7 km
Saint-Pierre 245.0 km
Burgeo 251.9 km
Terra Nova Nat Park CS 276.3 km
Stephenville Intl. Airport 300.1 km
Tukialik Bay 346.1 km
Bonavista 360.0 km
Chevery 391.8 km
Wreckhouse 396.7 km
Wreckhouse 396.7 km
Saint John's AP 425.0 km
St Johns West 425.1 km
Cape Race 428.9 km
Cape Whittle 439.1 km
St Paul Isl 491.6 km
Goose 502.1 km
Sydney Airport 513.0 km
Sydney Rcs 513.0 km
Ingonish Beach CS 532.3 km
North Mountain 555.0 km
Chéticamp 586.8 km