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  Fr Oct 20 Sa Oct 21 Su Oct 22 Mo Oct 23
22°C 23°C 23°C 14°C
27°C 31°C 31°C 27°C
various clouds , showers few clouds  few clouds  few clouds
various clouds , heavy showers mostly sunny  various clouds , showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny
various clouds , showers mostly sunny  various clouds , showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny
various clouds , light rain few clouds  few clouds  clear
Last updated: Fr, 20 Oct, 15:59 BST
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Orange County Airport 16.7 km
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Texarkana Regional Airport 29.1 km
Shreveport Downtown Airport 30.7 km
Barksdale Air Force Base 38.6 km
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William P. Hobby Airport 147.6 km
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George Bush Intercontinental Airport 155.9 km
Alexandria Intl. Airport 156.2 km
Houston County Airport 162.3 km
Conroe Airport 162.4 km
Tyler Pounds Regional Airport 163.1 km
Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport 168.9 km
Houston Southwest Airport 169.5 km
Cox Field 170.7 km
Wood County Airport 173.7 km
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport 178.1 km
Huntsville Regional Airport 182.3 km
Esler Airfield 185.0 km
Sulphur Springs Airport 188.3 km
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Palestine Airport 196.1 km
Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport 207.7 km
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Lafayette Regional Airport 218.9 km
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Bastrop Airport 231.6 km
Majors Airport 237.0 km
Wharton Regional Airport 245.2 km
Monticello Airport 249.4 km
Palacios Airport 256.2 km
Terrell Airport 259.6 km
Eagle Lake Airport 263.8 km
Coulter Field Airport 264.6 km
Easterwood Airport 268.2 km
Brenham 269.1 km
C. David Campbell Field 272.9 km
False River Regional Airport 275.7 km
Durant Regional Airport 275.9 km
Rockwall Airport 278.3 km
Robert R Wells Jr 284.9 km
Mexia Limestone County Airport 285.5 km
Mesquite Metro Airport 288.2 km
Harry P. Williams Memorial Airport 291.3 km
McKinney National Airport 295.2 km
Natchez- Adams County Airport 296.0 km
Hearne Airport 297.4 km
Calhoun County Airport 303.6 km
North Texas Regional Airport 305.5 km
Caldwell Airport 306.5 km
Lancaster Regional Airport 309.5 km
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport 311.7 km
Addison Airport 322.9 km
Dallas Love Field 324.4 km
Tallulah Airport 326.0 km
Dallas Executive Airport 326.1 km
Victoria Regional Airport 330.4 km
Midlothian Airport 330.4 km
Mid Delta Regional Airport 330.6 km
La Grange 334.0 km
Cameron Airport 336.3 km
Giddings Airport 336.6 km
Vicksburg Airport 337.0 km
Dallas/Fort Worth Intl. Airport 344.8 km
Aransas 345.5 km
Grand Prairie Airport 345.5 km
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Hillsboro Airport 350.5 km