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  Th Apr 27 Fr Apr 28 Sa Apr 29 Su Apr 30
22°C 20°C 25°C 25°C
29°C 27°C 29°C 27°C
cloudy , showers and thunderstorms partly fog  various clouds  various clouds
cloudy , rain various clouds  mostly sunny  various clouds
mostly sunny  various clouds  mostly sunny  cloudy , showers and thunderstorms
few clouds  various clouds  few clouds  cloudy , heavy showers and thunderstorms
Last updated: Th, 27 Apr, 00:23 BST
Nearby Weather Stations - Prichard Distance
Mobile Downtown Airport 3.7 km
Mobile Regional Airport 16.7 km
Demopolis Airport 17.7 km
H. L. Sonny Callahan Airport 25.3 km
Columbus Air Force Base 40.2 km
Jack Edwards Airport 47.9 km
Trent Lott Intl. Airport 48.2 km
Naval Air Station Meridian 52.3 km
Golden Triangle Regional Airport 54.5 km
Tuscaloosa Regional Airport 54.8 km
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport 56.3 km
Roscoe Turner Airport 57.4 km
Posey Field 57.5 km
Meridian Regional Airport 72.5 km
Tupelo Regional Airport 75.0 km
Vaiden Field 80.0 km
George M. Bryan Airport 83.0 km
Naval Air Station Pensacola Airport 87.2 km
Keesler Air Force Base 90.9 km
Pensacola Intl. Airport 102.0 km
Gulfport 107.6 km
Middleton Field 116.9 km
Naval Air Station Whiting Field 120.2 km
Naval Air Station Whiting Field 120.6 km
Craig Field / Selma 124.2 km
Hattiesburg Bobby L. Chain Airport 128.4 km
Pryor Field Regional Airport 129.3 km
Hattiesburg- Laurel Regional Airport 137.3 km
Folsom Field 139.6 km
Shelby 148.9 km
Huntsville Intl. Airport 149.6 km
Stennis Intl. Airport 150.6 km
Birmingham 150.9 km
Hurlburt Field 157.7 km
University-Oxford Airport 159.9 km
Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport 166.3 km
Madison County Executive Airport 173.3 km
Duke Field 174.4 km
Northwest Florida Regional Airport 174.4 km
Bob Sikes Airport 176.3 km
Prattville- Grouby Field 177.5 km
Winona-Montgomery County Airport 180.8 km
Winona-Montgomery County Airport 180.8 km
Destin 181.8 km
Olive Branch Airport 187.7 km
Montgomery Regional Airport 189.4 km
South Alabama Regional Airport 190.4 km
Slidell Airport 191.5 km
Maxwell Air Force Base 193.1 km
Bogalusa 195.8 km
Florala Airport 199.6 km
Albertville Regional Airport 206.3 km
New Orleans Lakefront Airport 214.2 km
New Orleans (NAS) 215.2 km
DeFuniak Springs 216.8 km
New Orleans Downtown 220.0 km
Greenwood- Leflore Airport 220.8 km
Jackson 220.8 km
Northeast Alabama Regional Airport 225.1 km
Talladega Airport 228.6 km
Troy Airport 232.0 km
Port Fourchon Terminal 233.9 km
Scottsboro Airport 234.3 km
Hawkins Field 236.0 km
Thomas C. Russell Field 238.8 km
New Orleans Airport 239.3 km
Galliano Airport 240.1 km
Enterprise Airport 244.6 km
Tunica Airport 249.4 km
Anniston Regional Airport 251.0 km
Shell Army Heliport 251.3 km
Brookhaven Airport 256.7 km
John Bell Williams Airport 256.7 km
Northwest Florida Beaches Intl. Airport 257.1 km
Hammond Northshore Regional Airport 257.9 km
Lowe Army Heliport 261.5 km
McComb- Pike County Airport 263.5 km
Cairns Army Airfield 265.3 km
Isbell Field 265.8 km
Fletcher Field 267.9 km
Hanchey Army Heliport 272.5 km
St. John the Baptist Parish Airport 275.7 km
Tri-County Airport 278.2 km
Tyndall Air Force Base 280.2 km
Houma- Terrebonne Airport 284.6 km
Dothan Regional Airport 295.0 km
Cleveland Airport 295.4 km
Auburn University Regional Airport 297.0 km
Vicksburg Airport 314.3 km
Mid Delta Regional Airport 320.9 km
Marianna Airport 324.6 km
Tallulah Airport 325.4 km
Richard B. Russell Airport 327.2 km
Weedon Field 331.2 km
LaGrange Callaway Airport 337.9 km
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport 339.5 km
Apalachicola Airport 342.6 km
Apalachicola Airport 342.8 km
Lawson Army Airfield 347.9 km
Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport 352.5 km