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Seaford Weather

  Th Jun 30 Fr Jul 01 Sa Jul 02 Su Jul 03
17°C 20°C 21°C 18°C
29°C 31°C 29°C 25°C
few clouds  few clouds  clear  clear
sunny  mostly sunny  sunny  mostly sunny
mostly sunny  various clouds , showers and thunderstorms sunny  mostly sunny
few clouds  various clouds , isolated showers and thunderstorms clear  few clouds
Last updated: Th, 30 Jun, 20:58 BST
Nearby Weather Stations - Seaford Distance
Salisbury 12.5 km
Dover Air Force Base 20.3 km
Wallops Flight Facility Airport 23.4 km
Sussex 26.0 km
New Castle Airport 29.1 km
Accomack 32.8 km
Pottstown Limerick Airport 44.7 km
Cambridge- Dorchester Airport 47.4 km
Tangier 48.9 km
Easton Airport 52.1 km
Philadelphia Intl. Airport 52.4 km
Ocean 54.5 km
Allentown Queen City Airport 55.2 km
Quakertown Airport 56.1 km
Wings Field 56.7 km
Lehigh Valley Intl. Airport 59.1 km
Millville Airport 62.9 km
Reading Regional Airport 62.9 km
Phillips Army Airfield 67.0 km
Naval Air Station Oceana 68.4 km
Doylestown Airport 72.0 km
First Flight Airport 72.6 km
Pocono Mountains Airport 73.8 km
Dare 75.8 km
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Intl. Airport 75.9 km
Currituck County Regional Airport 76.3 km
Northeast Philadelphia Airport 76.8 km
Hazleton Airport 77.6 km
Cape May Airport 78.1 km
Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress 79.6 km
Bay Bridge Airport 81.2 km
Norfolk Intl. Airport 81.7 km
Lancaster Airport 84.4 km
Dare County Gunnery Range 87.9 km
Naval Station Norfolk 88.9 km
Naval Air Station Patuxent River 89.6 km
Elizabeth City Regional Airport 90.6 km
St. Inigoes 92.6 km
Martin State Airport 92.8 km
South Jersey Regional Airport 93.0 km
Billy Mitchell Airport 94.3 km
Langley Field 95.0 km
Chesapeake Regional Airport 95.8 km
United States Naval Academy 98.8 km
Trenton-Mercer Airport 99.0 km
Leonardtown Airport 106.1 km
Hampton Roads Executive Airport 106.3 km
Greater Binghamton Airport 106.8 km
Williamsburg Intl. Airport 108.0 km
Baltimore 114.5 km
Atlantic City Airport 117.4 km
Aeroflex Andover 117.7 km
Muir Army Airfield 117.9 km
McGuire Air Force Base 118.1 km
Somerset Airport 118.6 km
Felker Army Airfield 118.9 km
Baltimore Airport 119.6 km
Suffolk Executive Airport 121.2 km
Sullivan Airport 124.6 km
Northeastern Regional Airport 128.3 km
Williamsburg Airport 129.0 km
Tipton Airport 130.4 km
Sussex Airport 131.2 km
West Point Airport 132.4 km
Harrisburg Intl. Airport 136.4 km
Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport 140.2 km
Joint Base Andrews 141.1 km
Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst 144.7 km
York Airport 145.0 km
York Airport 145.0 km
Capital City Airport 145.7 km
Morristown Airport 145.7 km
Tappahannock Airport 146.3 km
College Park Airport 147.2 km
Lakehurst AP 148.5 km
Penn Valley Airport 151.6 km
Franklin Airport 153.5 km
Michael J. Smith Field 156.8 km
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport 159.7 km
Essex 160.3 km
Linden Airport 161.8 km
Williamsport Regional Airport 162.0 km
Norfolk (Nexrad) 163.6 km
Monmouth Executive Airport 169.4 km
Newark Intl. Airport 170.4 km
Orange County Airport 170.8 km
New Kent Airport 172.1 km
Elmira Corning Regional Airport 172.2 km
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point 173.6 km
Montgomery Airport 173.9 km
Davison Army Airfield 175.4 km
Warren Airport 179.7 km
Teterboro Airport 182.5 km
Tri-County Airport 185.1 km
Stewart Intl. Airport 186.6 km
Coastal Carolina Regional Airport 186.6 km
Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue 189.5 km
Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico Airport 189.6 km
New York 190.4 km
Penn Yan Airport 192.8 km