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North America

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Nearby Weather Stations - Española Distance
Santa Fe Airport 10.9 km
Los Alamos Airport 22.6 km
Moriarty Airport 31.0 km
Taos Airport 46.6 km
San Luis Valley Regional Airport 50.1 km
Clines Corner 53.4 km
Del Norte Airport 62.7 km
Saguache 66.6 km
Albuquerque Airport 67.6 km
Harriet Alexander Field 79.2 km
Double Eagle II Airport 84.0 km
Angel Fire Airport 87.8 km
Buena Vista Airport 87.9 km
Belen Airport 95.0 km
Holloman Air Force Base 96.2 km
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 96.3 km
Alamogordo 96.7 km
Las Vegas Airport 102.5 km
Lake County Airport 104.6 km
La Veta Pass 110.2 km
Socorro Airport 111.4 km
Stevens Field 117.6 km
Gunnison 125.5 km
Florence Airport 130.0 km
Biggs Army Airfield 132.7 km
El Paso Intl. Airport 134.8 km
Aspen-Pitkin County Airport 136.2 km
Ciudad Juárez Intl. Airport 140.6 km
Eagle County Regional Airport 149.1 km
Las Cruces Intl. Airport 150.0 km
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport 159.2 km
Truth or Consequences Airport 159.5 km
United States Air Force Academy 165.1 km
Fort Carson 165.5 km
Colorado Springs Airport 172.2 km
Centennial Airport 172.9 km
Raton Airport 175.8 km
Buckley Air Force Base 183.2 km
Pine Springs 185.3 km
Pueblo Memorial Airport 187.1 km
Roswell Airport 187.8 km
Meadow Lake Airport 188.2 km
Durango 191.3 km
Denver Intl. Airport 194.3 km
Perry Stokes Airport 196.6 km
Artesia Airport 200.1 km
Front Range Airport 203.6 km
Grants Milan Mun. AP 205.7 km
Telluride Regional Airport 214.0 km
Garfield County Regional Airport 217.2 km
Deming Airport 219.1 km
Montrose Airport 220.0 km
Cavern City Airport 226.5 km
Delta 240.0 km
Four Corners Regional Airport 242.6 km
Grant County Airport 256.6 km
Melrose Gunnery Range 256.8 km
Tucumcari Airport 275.5 km
Limon Airport 284.0 km
Nucla 287.3 km
Cortez Airport 289.1 km
La Junta Airport 290.8 km
Grand Junction Regional Airport 293.6 km
Gallup Airport 303.2 km
Cannon Air Force Base 309.3 km
Pecos Airport 313.2 km
Clayton Municipal Airpark 325.0 km
Lea 332.1 km
Window Rock Airport 334.1 km
Clovis Airport 334.8 km
Winkler Airport 339.9 km
Springerville Muni 366.0 km
St. Johns Industrial Air Park 372.4 km
Lamar Airport 380.8 km
Blanding Airport 383.5 km
Springfield 385.7 km
Seminole Airport 390.7 km
Dalhart Airport 391.5 km
Andrews Airport 406.6 km
Safford Regional Airport 416.6 km
Hereford Airport 417.9 km
Canyonlands Field 420.8 km
Bisbee Douglas Intl. Airport 421.9 km
Odessa Airport 424.3 km
Kit Carson County Airport 431.1 km
Show Low Regional Airport 441.7 km
Midland Airport 445.6 km
Midland Airpark Airport 453.9 km
Sierra Vista Airport 498.7 km
Winslow- Lindbergh Regional Airport 520.5 km
Hanksville Airport 523.1 km
Price/Carbon 536.7 km
Davis 552.4 km
Nogales Airport 555.7 km
Tucson Intl. Airport 558.3 km