United Kingdom


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Minimum ground temperature 30°F 24°F 26°F 24°F
Day various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , light snow various clouds , isolated showers mostly sunny
Last updated: Sa, 31 Jan, 20:37 GMT
Note: Temperature forecast is minimum temperature at ground/road surface - NOT air temperature.

Key to WeatherOnline's road forecast symbols showing the effects of the weather forecast on road conditions.
symbol: dry roads dry roads symbol: damp roads damp roads
symbol: wet roads wet roads symbol: aquaplaning aquaplaning
symbol: hard-packed snow hard-packed snow symbol: freezing rain/moisture freezing rain/moisture
symbol: hoar frost hoar frost symbol: black ice black ice
symbol: fog fog    
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Biggin Hill 138.6 km
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Donna Nook 147.5 km
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Herstmonceux 174.1 km
Boulogne-sur-Mer 185.1 km