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North America

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overcast  overcast cloudy  cloudy various clouds  various clouds
overcast , light rain overcast, light rain cloudy , light rain cloudy, light rain various clouds , light rain various clouds, light rain
overcast , rain overcast, rain cloudy , rain cloudy, rain various clouds , rain various clouds, rain
overcast , heavy rain overcast, heavy rain cloudy , heavy rain cloudy, heavy rain various clouds , heavy rain various clouds, heavy rain
overcast , isolated showers overcast, isolated showers cloudy , isolated showers cloudy, isolated showers various clouds , isolated showers various clouds, isolated showers
overcast , showers overcast, showers cloudy , showers cloudy, showers various clouds , showers various clouds, showers
overcast , heavy showers overcast, heavy showers cloudy , heavy showers cloudy, heavy showers various clouds , heavy showers various clouds, heavy showers
overcast , light sleet overcast, light sleet cloudy , light sleet cloudy, light sleet various clouds , light sleet various clouds, light sleet
overcast , sleet overcast, sleet cloudy , sleet cloudy, sleet various clouds , sleet various clouds, sleet
overcast , heavy sleet overcast, heavy sleet cloudy , heavy sleet cloudy, heavy sleet various clouds , heavy sleet various clouds, heavy sleet
overcast , isolated sleet showers overcast, isolated sleet showers cloudy , isolated sleet showers cloudy, isolated sleet showers various clouds , isolated sleet showers various clouds, isolated sleet showers
overcast , sleet showers overcast, sleet showers cloudy , sleet showers cloudy, sleet showers various clouds , sleet showers various clouds, sleet showers
overcast , heavy sleet showers overcast, heavy sleet showers cloudy , heavy sleet showers cloudy, heavy sleet showers various clouds , heavy sleet showers various clouds, heavy sleet showers
overcast , light snow overcast, light snow cloudy , light snow cloudy, light snow various clouds , light snow various clouds, light snow
overcast , snow overcast, snow cloudy , snow cloudy, snow various clouds , snow various clouds, snow
overcast , heavy snow overcast, heavy snow cloudy , heavy snow cloudy, heavy snow various clouds , heavy snow various clouds, heavy snow
overcast , isolated snow showers overcast, isolated snow showers cloudy , isolated snow showers cloudy, isolated snow showers various clouds , isolated snow showers various clouds, isolated snow showers
overcast , snow showers overcast, snow showers cloudy , snow showers cloudy, snow showers various clouds , snow showers various clouds, snow showers
overcast , heavy snow showers overcast, heavy snow showers cloudy , heavy snow showers cloudy, heavy snow showers various clouds , heavy snow showers various clouds, heavy snow showers
overcast , thunder with snow overcast, thunder with snow cloudy , thunder with snow cloudy, thunder with snow various clouds , thunder with snow various clouds, thunder with snow
overcast , isolated showers and thunderstorms overcast, isolated showers and thunderstorms cloudy , isolated showers and thunderstorms cloudy, isolated showers and thunderstorms various clouds , isolated showers and thunderstorms various clouds, isolated showers and thunderstorms
overcast , showers and thunderstorms overcast, showers and thunderstorms cloudy , showers and thunderstorms cloudy, showers and thunderstorms various clouds , showers and thunderstorms various clouds, showers and thunderstorms
overcast , heavy showers and thunderstorms overcast, heavy showers and thunderstorms cloudy , heavy showers and thunderstorms cloudy, heavy showers and thunderstorms various clouds , heavy showers and thunderstorms various clouds, heavy showers and thunderstorms
overcast , freezing drizzle overcast, freezing drizzle cloudy , freezing drizzle cloudy, freezing drizzle various clouds , freezing drizzle various clouds, freezing drizzle
overcast , freezing rain overcast, freezing rain cloudy , freezing rain cloudy, freezing rain various clouds , freezing rain various clouds, freezing rain
Nearby Weather Stations - Basalt Distance
Eagle County Regional Airport 12.2 km
Aspen-Pitkin County Airport 13.5 km
Gunnison 27.8 km
Steamboat Springs Airport 39.5 km
Yampa Valley Airport 44.8 km
Stevens Field 68.3 km
Shively Field Airport 69.4 km
Craig 71.8 km
Kremmling Airport 71.9 km
Lake County Airport 75.1 km
Dixon Airport 78.7 km
Garfield County Regional Airport 82.5 km
Rawlins Airport 83.2 km
Del Norte Airport 88.1 km
Buena Vista Airport 97.8 km
Saguache 99.4 km
Meeker 104.6 km
Montrose Airport 106.1 km
Harriet Alexander Field 107.9 km
Telluride Regional Airport 112.5 km
Durango 112.7 km
Delta 121.2 km
Casper 127.4 km
Los Alamos Airport 136.7 km
San Luis Valley Regional Airport 138.4 km
Double Eagle II Airport 138.6 km
Albuquerque Airport 144.7 km
Santa Fe Airport 155.4 km
Laramie Airport 158.7 km
Four Corners Regional Airport 164.7 km
Taos Airport 172.2 km
Grand Junction Regional Airport 172.8 km
Grants Milan Mun. AP 173.3 km
Nucla 179.4 km
Worland Airport 187.5 km
Cortez Airport 196.7 km
Boulder Airport 197.0 km
Clines Corner 200.3 km
Vance Brand Airport 204.8 km
Riverton Airport 206.1 km
Converse 208.1 km
Angel Fire Airport 209.6 km
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport 210.0 km
Florence Airport 211.3 km
Erie Airport 216.1 km
Fort Collins- Loveland Airport 222.5 km
Lander/Hunt Field AP 227.6 km
Las Vegas Airport 233.9 km
Centennial Airport 238.4 km
Gallup Airport 240.2 km
United States Air Force Academy 241.5 km
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base 241.6 km
Rock Springs 244.3 km
Fort Carson 247.6 km
Buckley Air Force Base 248.3 km
Cheyenne Regional Airport 248.5 km
Torrington Airport 248.6 km
Colorado Springs Airport 252.9 km
Denver Intl. Airport 259.7 km
Greeley- Weld County Airport 263.6 km
Window Rock Airport 264.8 km
Meadow Lake Airport 269.1 km
Front Range Airport 272.4 km
Pueblo Memorial Airport 278.4 km
Blanding Airport 284.4 km
Vernal Regional Airport 284.4 km
Raton Airport 287.6 km
Perry Stokes Airport 301.6 km
Canyonlands Field 308.7 km
Pine Bluffs Muni 321.6 km
Mondell Fld AP 326.1 km
Dubois Airport 334.5 km
Ralph Wenz Field 336.1 km
Fort Morgan Airport 355.2 km
Miley Memorial Field Airport 364.8 km
Limon Airport 370.0 km
Kimball Airport 372.3 km
Western Nebraska Regional Airport 383.6 km
Fort Bridger Airport 387.5 km
La Junta Airport 388.8 km
Custer Airport 395.9 km
Tucumcari Airport 395.9 km
Kemmerer Municipal Airport 407.0 km
Hanksville Airport 415.4 km
Sterling Airport 416.2 km
Price/Carbon 419.4 km
Colorado Plains Regional Airport 420.8 km
Clayton Municipal Airpark 434.9 km
Chadron Airport 443.6 km
Jackson Hole Airport 444.1 km
Winslow- Lindbergh Regional Airport 445.6 km
Sidney Airport 448.0 km
Afton Airport 456.4 km
Alliance Airport 471.9 km
Lamar Airport 479.8 km
Springfield 489.6 km
Dalhart Airport 502.4 km
Pine Ridge Airport 507.7 km
Kit Carson County Airport 524.1 km
Holyoke Airport 525.7 km