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Shetland W

  Su May 27 Mo May 28 Tu May 29 We May 30
Minimum ground temperature 7°C 9°C 10°C 9°C
Day sunny  various clouds  various clouds  mostly sunny
Last updated: Sa, 26 May, 23:07 BST
Note: Temperature forecast is minimum temperature at ground/road surface - NOT air temperature.

Key to WeatherOnline's road forecast symbols showing the effects of the weather forecast on road conditions.
symbol: dry roads dry roads symbol: damp roads damp roads
symbol: wet roads wet roads symbol: aquaplaning aquaplaning
symbol: hard-packed snow hard-packed snow symbol: freezing rain/moisture freezing rain/moisture
symbol: hoar frost hoar frost symbol: black ice black ice
symbol: fog fog    
Nearby Weather Stations - Shetland W Distance
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Sumburgh Cape 90.5 km
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Lerwick 98.3 km
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Wick 217.2 km
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Statfjord 449.7 km
Strathallan 461.4 km
Tulloch Bridge 465.1 km
Aultbea 469.1 km
Glen Ogle 481.2 km
Bealach na Bà 502.3 km
Stornoway 518.0 km
Oban Airport 549.8 km
Tórshavn 564.1 km
Tiree Island 669.7 km