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Region: Aroania
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Ohrid St. Paul AP 344.7 km
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Ermoupoli 351.2 km
Demir Kapija 357.3 km
Chania Intl. Airport 358.7 km
Kuçovë 363.5 km
Vlorë 367.9 km
Serres 370.8 km
Paros Airport 379.4 km
Elbasan 382.4 km
Sazan 387.0 km
Lazaropole 389.3 km
Štip 390.7 km
Mykonos 395.5 km
Sandanski 399.9 km
Berovo 400.7 km
Naxos 403.9 km
Naxos Airport 404.2 km
Skopje-Petrovec 412.4 km
Peshkopi 414.6 km
Pozharane 415.1 km
Yzberisht 415.6 km
Tirana 416.6 km
Lemnos Airport 426.8 km
Santorini 431.4 km
Santa Maria di Leuca 433.2 km
Kavala/Chrisoupolis 434.8 km
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Tympaki Airport 443.0 km
Heraklion Airport 460.7 km
Lecce 472.8 km
Kastelli Airport 481.8 km
Brindisi/Casale 514.5 km
Alexandroupoli Airport 540.1 km
Crotone 541.2 km
Kardzhali 542.7 km
Grottaglie 560.4 km