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  We May 25 Th May 26 Fr May 27 Sa May 28
Minimum ground temperature 6°C 6°C 10°C 10°C
Day cloudy  various clouds  various clouds  various clouds
Last updated: Tu, 24 May, 21:01 BST
Note: Temperature forecast is minimum temperature at ground/road surface - NOT air temperature.

Key to WeatherOnline's road forecast symbols showing the effects of the weather forecast on road conditions.
symbol: dry roads dry roads symbol: damp roads damp roads
symbol: wet roads wet roads symbol: aquaplaning aquaplaning
symbol: hard-packed snow hard-packed snow symbol: freezing rain/moisture freezing rain/moisture
symbol: hoar frost hoar frost symbol: black ice black ice
symbol: fog fog    
Nearby Weather Stations - Valognes Distance
Vigite du Haumet 14.8 km
Cherbourg/Maupertus 14.9 km
Barfleur 26.5 km
La Hague 38.4 km
Alderney Channel Is 55.3 km
Saint Helier 56.3 km
Port-en-Bessin-Huppain 56.3 km
Jersey Airport 60.8 km
Guernsey Airport 80.3 km
Caen 84.8 km
Dinard/Pleurtuit 111.8 km
Sainte-Adresse 113.5 km
Le Havre/Octeville 114.6 km
St. Catherine's Point 119.5 km
Deauville-Saint-Gatien 122.0 km
Deauville-Saint-Gatien AP 122.3 km
Swanage 124.7 km
Isle of Portland 130.4 km
Bournemouth 142.9 km
Saint-Brieuc Armor 147.3 km
Thorney Island 148.7 km
Southampton Airport 154.0 km
Rennes- Saint-Jacques Airport 162.2 km
Shoreham Airport 170.3 km
Laval Airport 176.1 km
Middle Wallop 181.7 km
MoD Boscombe Down 184.4 km
Larkhill 188.5 km