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Nearby Weather Stations - Sarandë Distance
Gjirokastër 27.2 km
Corfu 28.7 km
Ioannina 71.0 km
Vlorë 79.8 km
Sazan 94.0 km
Kuçovë 104.0 km
Korçë 105.8 km
Preveza 124.4 km
Kastoria Airport 127.1 km
Santa Maria di Leuca 142.9 km
Elbasan 144.7 km
Ohrid Airport 153.5 km
Ohrid St. Paul AP 154.5 km
Florina 156.6 km
Yzberisht 163.7 km
Tirana 163.9 km
Durrës 165.8 km
Bitola 175.2 km
Lazaropole 194.3 km
Cephalonia Airport 199.0 km