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Region: Swansea

  Th Apr 26 Fr Apr 27 Sa Apr 28 Su Apr 29
Turf condition damp dry wet dry
a.m. golf index 2 golf index 2 golf index 2 golf index 3
p.m. golf index 1 golf index 2 golf index 2 golf index 3
7°C 6°C 6°C 6°C
11°C 11°C 12°C 12°C
various clouds  overcast , rain various clouds  various clouds
various clouds  overcast , rain various clouds  mostly sunny
various clouds  various clouds , light rain mostly sunny  various clouds , isolated showers
overcast , rain few clouds  few clouds  various clouds
Last updated: Th, 26 Apr, 04:32 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Swansea - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Swansea Distance
Neath Port Talbot 15.7 km
Llanelli 16.0 km
Porthcawl 22.6 km
Bridgend 29.8 km
Carmarthen 31.3 km
Ilfracombe 42.1 km
South Wales 42.4 km
Bristol Channel 44.3 km
Merthyr Tydfil 46.5 km
Tenby 50.8 km
Caerphilly 53.0 km
Barnstaple 54.0 km
Minehead 54.4 km
Cardiff 54.7 km
N-Devon 55.0 km
Brecon 58.1 km
Exmoor NP 60.0 km
Bideford Bay 63.3 km
Hartland Point 65.6 km

Forecast: Swansea Region

Only Saturday blemishes the predominantly fine weather. But on Saturday rain is to be expected. The daily high increases from 0 degrees on Friday to 11 degrees on Saturday. On Saturday a fresh wind from the north.