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WeatherOnline's Travel Planner helps you calculating the average weather at a location of your choice, based on recent years data. However, please keep in mind that weather statistics can only provide you with some useful clues for your travel plans. They do not represent the actual weather or forecast.
Nearby Weather Stations - Wolverhampton Distance
Cosford 1.1 km
Shawbury 30.9 km
Birmingham Airport 43.5 km
Coleshill 45.0 km
Pershore 56.8 km
Shobdon 57.4 km
Thorncliffe 58.3 km
Coventry Airport 62.8 km
East Midlands Airport 68.9 km
Hereford/Credenhill 70.0 km
Church Lawford 71.9 km
Hawarden 75.0 km
Lake Vyrnwy 79.8 km
Manchester 79.8 km
Rostherne 79.9 km
Nottingham/Watnall 81.6 km
Gloucestershire Airport 84.1 km
Liverpool AP 86.2 km
Bala 90.3 km
RAF Little Rissington 95.1 km
Rhyl 105.8 km
Crosby 109.3 km
Sennybridge 109.5 km
RAF Brize Norton 109.8 km
Fairford Airport 113.2 km
Woodvale 115.4 km
Emley Moor transmitting station 115.6 km
Trawscoed 116.2 km
Capel Curig 121.4 km
Barkston 122.4 km
Filton 125.8 km
Doncaster Airport 127.2 km
RAF Lyneham 128.0 km
Warton Aerodrome Airport 128.2 km
Cranfield Airport 130.7 km
Bingley 133.0 km
Blackpool Airport 135.3 km
Benson 140.4 km
Bristol / Lulsgate 142.0 km
Leeds Bradford Intl. Airport 144.0 km
High Wycombe 147.2 km
Cardiff Airport 155.0 km
St Athan 157.7 km
Larkhill 163.2 km
MoD Boscombe Down 167.6 km
Linton-On-Ouse 170.8 km
Middle Wallop 172.6 km
Walney 176.8 km
RAF Dishforth 177.3 km
Yeovil 183.3 km