Airport Osan

Number of days available for climatic review

Duration of sunshine000000

Duration of sunshine000000

Climate data is usually derived from meteorological data of a certain number of years. The actual number of recorded years may vary from only a couple to 50 years or more. The quality of climate data depends on the number of available recorded years. Fewer years means less reliable data. The standart-period for reliable climate data is 30 years. For example, the mean monthly temperature for, let's say January, would ideally calculated from a total number of 930 recorded January-days. However, the usual number of recorded days is much smaller. The table above shows the actual number of recorded days for every parameter measured.
Nearby Weather Stations - Osan Distance
Pyeongtaek 14.8 km
Suwon 19.1 km
Seoul Air Base 37.6 km
Cheonan 37.8 km
Icheon 44.0 km
Seoul 52.3 km
Seoul/Kimpo (IAP) 54.2 km
Incheon 55.5 km
Cheongju Airport 60.9 km
Seosan 62.6 km
Cheongju 63.8 km
Incheon IAP 65.8 km
Wonju 85.3 km
Dongducheon 89.1 km
Munsan 90.3 km
Daejeon 94.9 km
Boryeong 95.6 km
Kaesong 104.9 km
Chuncheon 108.4 km
Cheorwon 119.2 km
Gunsan 124.8 km
Sangju 126.5 km
Yeongwol 127.5 km
Chupungnyeong 130.8 km
Kunsan AP 136.9 km
Jeonju 143.2 km
Pyonggang 146.6 km
Haeju 156.9 km
Gumi 158.5 km
Andong 161.3 km
Singye 161.9 km
Daegwallyeong 166.5 km
Jeongeup 173.2 km
Chinhae 177.5 km
Yangyang Airport 178.7 km
Sokcho 186.1 km
Gochang 190.0 km
Namwon 191.1 km
Sariwon 193.1 km
Daegu 196.0 km
Taegu US-AFB 196.9 km