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Saiq AP (1755m)

Number of days available for climatic review

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Duration of sunshine000000

Climate data is usually derived from meteorological data of a certain number of years. The actual number of recorded years may vary from only a couple to 50 years or more. The quality of climate data depends on the number of available recorded years. Fewer years means less reliable data. The standart-period for reliable climate data is 30 years. For example, the mean monthly temperature for, let's say January, would ideally calculated from a total number of 930 recorded January-days. However, the usual number of recorded days is much smaller. The table above shows the actual number of recorded days for every parameter measured.
Nearby Weather Stations - Saiq Distance
Saiq AP 1.9 km
Nizwa 18.3 km
Rustaq 32.7 km
Samail 34.4 km
Bahla 39.3 km
Adam 43.4 km
Al-Mudhaibi 62.1 km
Seeb/Muscat AP 76.8 km
Ibra 96.6 km
Port Sultan Qaboos 107.0 km
Qarn Alam 122.0 km
Ibri 127.9 km
Suhar/Majis 141.3 km
Joba 147.0 km
Jask 153.2 km
Fujairah 192.9 km
Fahud 194.2 km
Yaaloni 196.2 km
Yaaloni 196.2 km
Qalhat 196.3 km
Duqm 197.6 km
Masirah Airport 197.7 km
Sur 204.6 km
Duqm 205.5 km
Dibba 219.6 km
Buraimi 219.7 km
Al Ain Intl. Airport 239.7 km
Ras al Hadd 243.4 km
Khasab Airport 244.9 km
Ras al-Khaimah Airport 246.3 km
Khasab 247.1 km
Sharjah (IAP) 275.1 km
Bandar Abbas Airport 289.2 km
Dubai (IAP) 290.7 km
Kahnuj 291.7 km
Dayrestan Airport 297.3 km
Chabahar 333.2 km
Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport 344.5 km
Abu Musa 357.1 km
Bandar Lengeh 381.5 km
Sirri Island Airport 388.7 km
Sirri Island 393.5 km
Iranshahr 413.2 km
Kish 460.4 km
Kish Airport 462.6 km
Larestan Intl. Airport 462.7 km
Jiwani Airport 475.4 km
Lavan Airport 533.0 km
Lamerd Airport 566.1 km