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New Orleans (NAS) Weather

  Su Apr 30 Mo May 01 Tu May 02 We May 03
80°F 59°F 53°F 68°F
84°F 82°F 82°F 80°F
various clouds  clear  clear  few clouds
cloudy , showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny  mostly sunny  various clouds
cloudy , heavy showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny  mostly sunny  cloudy , showers and thunderstorms
various clouds , heavy showers clear  few clouds  various clouds
Last updated: Su, 30 Apr, 02:31 BST
Nearby Weather Stations - New Orleans (NAS) Distance
New Orleans Lakefront Airport 1.0 km
New Orleans Downtown 4.8 km
Jackson 5.6 km
Greenwood- Leflore Airport 5.6 km
Port Fourchon Terminal 18.7 km
Bogalusa 19.4 km
Hawkins Field 20.8 km
Slidell Airport 23.7 km
New Orleans Airport 24.1 km
Galliano Airport 24.9 km
Winona-Montgomery County Airport 34.4 km
Winona-Montgomery County Airport 34.4 km
Brookhaven Airport 41.5 km
John Bell Williams Airport 41.5 km
Hammond Northshore Regional Airport 42.7 km
McComb- Pike County Airport 48.2 km
St. John the Baptist Parish Airport 60.4 km
Stennis Intl. Airport 64.6 km
Houma- Terrebonne Airport 69.4 km
Hattiesburg- Laurel Regional Airport 77.9 km
Cleveland Airport 80.3 km
Hattiesburg Bobby L. Chain Airport 86.8 km
Vicksburg Airport 99.1 km
Mid Delta Regional Airport 105.8 km
Gulfport 107.6 km
Tallulah Airport 110.2 km
Keesler Air Force Base 124.3 km
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport 124.3 km
George M. Bryan Airport 132.6 km
Meridian Regional Airport 142.9 km
Harry P. Williams Memorial Airport 144.7 km
False River Regional Airport 160.4 km
Golden Triangle Regional Airport 161.4 km
Naval Air Station Meridian 163.3 km
Trent Lott Intl. Airport 167.0 km
Columbus Air Force Base 176.2 km
Monticello Airport 187.4 km
Mobile Regional Airport 198.5 km
Bastrop Airport 205.0 km
Acadiana Regional Airport 205.9 km
Lafayette Regional Airport 217.1 km
Mobile Downtown Airport 218.9 km
Monroe Regional Airport 222.6 km
Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport 228.3 km
Demopolis Airport 231.6 km
H. L. Sonny Callahan Airport 240.5 km
Esler Airfield 251.3 km
Jack Edwards Airport 263.1 km
Tuscaloosa Regional Airport 269.0 km
Alexandria Intl. Airport 280.2 km
Ruston Regional Airport 284.2 km
Jennings Airport 293.6 km
Vaiden Field 294.8 km
Allen Parish Airport 295.3 km
Naval Air Station Pensacola Airport 302.4 km
Harrell Field 303.3 km
South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field 308.0 km
Pensacola Intl. Airport 317.3 km
Middleton Field 332.1 km
Naval Air Station Whiting Field 335.4 km
Naval Air Station Whiting Field 335.8 km
Craig Field / Selma 339.2 km
Natchitoches Regional Airport 341.4 km
Chennault Intl. Airport 346.9 km
Fort Polk 352.5 km
Lake Charles Airport 354.4 km
Minden 362.8 km
Shelby 363.6 km
Birmingham 365.5 km
Beauregard Regional Airport 367.8 km
Southland Field 371.7 km
Hurlburt Field 372.9 km
Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport 381.5 km
DeQuincy Airport 382.7 km
Duke Field 389.6 km
Northwest Florida Regional Airport 389.6 km
Bob Sikes Airport 391.5 km
Prattville- Grouby Field 392.5 km
Destin 397.0 km
Barksdale Air Force Base 403.4 km
Montgomery Regional Airport 404.5 km
South Alabama Regional Airport 405.6 km
Maxwell Air Force Base 408.2 km
Shreveport Downtown Airport 413.7 km
Florala Airport 414.8 km
Shreveport Regional Airport 417.5 km
Orange County Airport 419.5 km
DeFuniak Springs 432.0 km
Northeast Alabama Regional Airport 439.7 km
Texarkana Regional Airport 439.7 km
Talladega Airport 443.3 km
Jack Brooks Regional Airport 443.4 km
Jasper Airport 445.4 km
Troy Airport 447.1 km
Center Airport 458.7 km
Beaumont Airport 464.8 km
Harrison County Airport 475.5 km
East Texas Regional Airport 513.9 km
Nacogdoches 521.3 km