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North America

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Sebastopol Weather

  Fr Apr 27 Sa Apr 28 Su Apr 29 Mo Apr 30
8°C 8°C 8°C 6°C
19°C 19°C 19°C 20°C
partly fog  cloudy , light rain partly fog  various clouds
various clouds  various clouds , light rain various clouds , light rain mostly sunny
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
various clouds  various clouds  few clouds  few clouds
Last updated: Fr, 27 Apr, 04:31 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Sebastopol - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Sebastopol Distance
Charles M. Schulz 13.0 km
Healdsburg 24.3 km
Rohnert Park 14.9 km
Santa Rosa 18.9 km
Cloverdale 42.1 km
Petaluma 25.2 km
Petaluma 31.0 km
Middletown 46.1 km
Novato 37.7 km
Novato 46.2 km
Fairfax 54.7 km
Clearlake 63.3 km
San Anselmo 53.6 km
Sonoma 33.2 km
Greenbrae 55.9 km
Larkspur 57.6 km
Corte Madera 59.9 km
San Rafael 57.2 km
Mill Valley 63.2 km
San Quentin State Prison 60.3 km
Sausalito 67.8 km
Belvedere Tiburon 65.2 km
San Pablo 64.2 km
Napa 48.3 km
Napa 50.9 km
El Cerrito 70.3 km
Pinole 65.8 km
El Sobrante 67.1 km
Hercules 66.6 km

Forecast: Sebastopol Region

Only Sunday blemishes the predominantly fine weather. But Sunday some rain is to be expected. It's getting colder: Up to Monday the temperature will drop slowly to 2 degrees.