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United Kingdom

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Cave Castle Golf Club

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  Fr Mar 23 Sa Mar 24 Su Mar 25 Mo Mar 26
Turf condition dry dry dry dry
a.m. golf index 2 golf index 2 golf index 2 golf index 2
p.m. golf index 4 golf index 3 golf index 3 golf index 3
6°C 3°C 1°C 1°C
12°C 9°C 11°C 10°C
overcast , light rain overcast , light rain few clouds  various clouds
various clouds  overcast , light rain mostly sunny  various clouds
cloudy  cloudy  various clouds  cloudy
overcast , light rain few clouds  various clouds  cloudy , light rain
Last updated: Th, 22 Mar, 18:26 GMT
Forecast Driffield Forecast Kingston upon Hull Forecast Burstwick Forecast Bridlington Forecast Scunthorpe Forecast Goole Forecast Malton Forecast Selby Forecast Grimsby Forecast Church Fenton Forecast Gainsborough Forecast Doncaster Forecast Louth Forecast Worksop
Nearby Forecast Locations - Leconfield - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Leconfield Distance
Driffield 14.8 km
Kingston upon Hull 16.7 km
Burstwick 25.8 km
Bridlington 31.3 km
Scunthorpe 32.0 km
Goole 34.0 km
Malton 37.5 km
Selby 43.1 km
Grimsby 48.5 km
Church Fenton 50.5 km
Gainsborough 56.4 km
Doncaster 60.4 km
Louth 62.6 km
Worksop 77.6 km

Forecast: Leconfield Region

Only Saturday blemishes the predominantly fine weather. Rain is not to be expected during the daytime. It's getting colder: Up to Sunday the temperature will drop slowly to 0 degrees. On Saturday a fresh wind from the west.