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Weather is the national obsession, but what causes the weather and how does it work? The Weather Whys DVD explains the fascinating world of weather to beginners and experts alike. It is an ideal tool/present for pilots, sailors, farmers, anglers, walkers and anyone with an interest in the great outdoors.

There are 35 short videos, each lasting around 2 to 5 minutes explaining how the weather works. In clear, concise terms without reference to complex equations. In total the DVD contains over 2-hours of material.

Topics covered include identifying clouds, frontal systems, high and low pressure, understanding weather charts, air masses, winds and fog, plus much more! See below a full list of topics covered.

Written and produced by WeatherOnline forecaster Dr. Simon Keeling, Weather Whys takes the viewer from the basics of the atmosphere through to understanding weather charts and on to having a go at DIY forecasting.

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Released November 1st 2009

Weather Whys has been released for Christmas 2009 and is available for instant dispatch now (last orders for Christmas 20th Dec). Watch a sample of Weather Whys:


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The Atmosphere
The Seasons
The Global Circulation
How the Weather Works
Introducing Air masses
Tropical Maritime Air Mass
Polar Maritime Air Mass
Arctic Maritime Air Mass
Tropical Continental Air Mass
Reuning Polar Maritime Air
Polar Continental Air Mass
How does High Pressure Form?
How does Low Pressure Form?
Warm Fronts
Cold Fronts
Occluded Fronts
Polar Lows
Sea Breezes
Winds on the Coasts
Low Clouds
Medium Clouds
High Clouds
All About Fog
Radiation Fog
Advection Fog
Hill Fog
Forecasting Rain
Forecasting Thunderstorms
Weather Charts
Introducing the Skew-T
Jet Streams
Heat Lows