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Isle of Barra / Traigh Scuivall (57° 02' N/7° 25' W)

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Local Time Fr May 05 Sa May 06 Su May 07 Mo May 08
a.m. NE 10 mph NE 14 mph NE 15 mph NE 17 mph
p.m. NE 15 mph NE 14 mph N 17 mph N 16 mph
evening NE 16 mph NE 14 mph NE 19 mph N 17 mph
Min temperature 7°C 8°C 8°C 6°C
Max temperature 14°C 15°C 13°C 10°C
a.m. sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
p.m. sunny  sunny  sunny  mostly sunny
evening mostly sunny  sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny

Last updated: Su, 30 Apr, 20:21 BST
(Wind Speed in mph)
Wind data for guidance only, actually gusts may be considerably higher than those shown.