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Gale Storm Warning North 25S December 04 2016 - 01:39:52 UTC
Gale Storm Warning South 25S December 04 2016 - 00:34:46 UTC

- December 04 2016 - 04:20:17 UTC

Sea regions: METAREA IV

The western part of the North Atlantic Ocean eastwards of the North American coast to 35W, from 7N to 67N, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the sea area between 7N and the South American coastline eastwards to the French Guyana/Brazil frontier in 4°30N

Metarea map

Metarea IV

Sea regions: METAREA XII

The eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, west of the North and South American coast and east of 120°W, from 3°24'S to the equator, thence to 180°, to 50°N thence NW_wards to 53°N 172°E, NE_wards following the marine frontier between United States and Russian Federation waters to 67°N

Sea regions: METAREA XVI

The South Pacific Ocean between 18°21'S and 3°24'S bounded by the coast of Peru and 120°W

Metarea map

Metarea XVI

Sea regions: METAREA XIV

The South Pacific and Southern Oceans south of the equator, bounded by Area X to the west, Area XII to the north and Area XV to the east

Metarea map

Metarea XIV

Sea regions: METAREA VI

The South Atlantic and Southern Oceans south of 35°50S, and from 20W to the longitude of Cape Horn, 67°16W, including the coastal strip to the Uruguay/Brazil frontier in 33°45S

Metarea map

Metarea VI

Sea regions: METAREA XV

The South Pacific and Southern Oceans south of 18°21'S following the coast of Chile to the longitude of Cape Horn in 67°16'W, and 120°W

Metarea map

Metarea XV