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Colour code


Date: 2015-07-02 08:00 UTC
Area: Indonesia
Source: Mtsat-2
Aviation colour code:  orange
Summit elevation:  1335m
Eruption Details: va plume observed to fl070 extending 90nm to neat 02/0732z.

Volcano ash cloud Indonesia - Dukono   Thursday 02 Jul 2015 08:00 UTC

Remarks: height and movement derived from mtsat-2 vis 02/0732z image,menado 02/0000z sounding and model winds. **use text for flightplanning purposes**

This data supplements the official Volcanic Ash Advisory Graphics and Volcanic Ash Advisories. The data is to be used with caution. The official Volcanic Ash Graphics and Volcanic Ash Advisories take precedence in all circumstances. Please refer to national NOTAMs for definitive boundaries of no-fly areas.

Altitiude levels (International Standard Atmosphere)

SFC to FL200 - Ash concentrations between the surface and 20,000 feet.
FL200 to FL350 - Ash concentrations between 20,000 feet and 35,000 feet.
FL350 to FL550 - Ash concentrations between 35,000 feet and 55,000 feet.
SFC to 6000FT - Ash concentrations between the surface and 6,000 feet.