Scratchbox - April 01, 2015
Issued: 19:17hrs Tuesday 31th March 2015

Simon: More heavy showers to come overnight, most in the north and west. A chilly one too with a frost in places.

Issued: 07:37hrs Tuesday 31th March 2015

Simon: Highest overnight gusts map showing 50-60mph+ for many

Issued: 07:25hrs Tuesday 31th March 2015

Simon: A windy and showery day. Feeling cold too with the showers wintry in the north.

Issued: 19:02hrs Monday 30th March 2015

Simon: Rain clearing east tonight. Very windy for all with severe gales.

Issued: 10:50hrs Monday 30th March 2015

Simon: Get set for a wet and windy late afternoon and evening as rain arrives from the west.

Issued: 07:36hrs Monday 30th March 2015

Simon: Morning sunshine for some, although heavy showers in western Scotland. Cloud will be increasing, bringing rain to Ireland this morning, and then through most of the UK this afternoon.

Issued: 08:06hrs Sunday 29th March 2015

John: increasingly windy with gales in the south. Spells of heavy rain to come across Northern Ireland, England and Wales with a risk of snow showers over the Highlands. This clears to sunnier spells and showers in the afternoon, although some rain may linger across north west England.

Issued: 07:15hrs Saturday 28th March 2015

John: an area of heavy rain now across Scotland and Northern Ireland will become lighter as it spreads into the south. Very windy in the north and around western coasts.

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