Scratchbox - August 02, 2014
Issued: 17:51hrs Friday 01th August 2014

Garry: Thundery bursts of rain currently affect many areas away from the south-east. Heavy rain sets in tonight for Wales and the south-west. Thunderstorms may also affect south-east England overnight.

Issued: 08:20hrs Friday 01th August 2014

Garry: Rain affecting Wales and the west, some heavy bursts moving into the south-west. Eastern areas starting dry and bright. Rain will spread further into northern England and southern Scotland this morning.

Issued: 16:14hrs Thursday 31th July 2014

Garry: Locally thundery rain crossing the Midlands, moving eastwards. Showers currently also for Ireland and Scotland.

Issued: 08:22hrs Thursday 31th July 2014

Garry: Best of today's weather in the south- east. Showery rain and cool in north-west. Thundery showers expected to move from south- west into the Midlands.

Issued: 15:43hrs Wednesday 30th July 2014

Garry: A lot of cloud across northern Britain, and some patchy rain. Southern regions have got plenty of sunshine. More cloud in Cornwall.

Issued: 08:18hrs Wednesday 30th July 2014

Garry: Cloudy, cool and drizzly in the north- west today. Brighter and warmer toward the south-east. Breezy for northern Britain.

Issued: 08:10hrs Tuesday 29th July 2014

Simon: More cloud around today than recently. A weak front bringing a little light rain to northwest England, Wales and southern Ireland, but this breaking up further as it heads into central and southern England later. Some heavy showers following in northern and western Scotland and windy here too.

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