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Scratchbox - August 28, 2016
Issued: 06:41hrs Sunday 28th August 2016

John: heavy morning, thundery rain now across northern England and southern Scotland clears by afternoon. Expect showers for Scotland and a few sharp ones across central and southern England.

Issued: 16:05hrs Saturday 27th August 2016

John: a cluster of heavy thunderstorms are affecting The Midlands and these extend north east into Lincolnshire.Some of these may be severe.

Issued: 13:07hrs Saturday 27th August 2016

John: an intense, possibly severe thunderstorms is heading close to Huntington at the moment.

Issued: 07:38hrs Saturday 27th August 2016

John: An area of showers develops across central southern England and as it tracks north east it becomes very heavy and thundery across The Midlands, western parts of East Anglia then into north east England. Locally intense, torrential downpours could lead to flash floods with large rainfalls totals falling in a short period of time.

Issued: 14:32hrs Friday 26th August 2016

Garry: Showery across the Scottish Highlands this afternoon, otherwise it is dry with plenty of sunshine.

Issued: 08:12hrs Friday 26th August 2016

Garry: Plenty of sunshine across the UK today. NW Scotland has some heavy showers this morning.

Issued: 17:35hrs Thursday 25th August 2016

Garry: Various pulses of rain running north-eastwards across the country this evening, some heavy and thundery bursts locally. Murky for central areas, some sun far SE & NW.

Issued: 08:20hrs Thursday 25th August 2016

Garry: Areas of rain over eastern England drifting away into the North Sea this morning, but expect thundery bursts to develop across central-northern areas throughout today. Mainly dry Scotland.

Issued: 15:50hrs Wednesday 24th August 2016

Simon: Patchy rain now into south Wales with heavier rain heading towards the south coasts of England.

Issued: 07:45hrs Wednesday 24th August 2016

Simon: Mostly dry today with more cloud for many than yesterday. Sunshine northern and western parts of the UK. Hot again in the southeast with some rain here into this evening.

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