Scratchbox - August 29, 2014
Issued: 16:57hrs Thursday 28th August 2014

Garry: A narrow band of showery rain is currently moving east across central England, and north-east across Scotland, with some heavy bursts over the Highlands. Heavy rain becoming extensive across Ireland, and moving into north-western Britain tonight.

Issued: 12:10hrs Thursday 28th August 2014

Garry: A band of showery rain for Wales and western parts of England this lunchtime. The remnants of the overnight rain are still giving damp conditions for NE Scotland and East Anglia.

Issued: 08:19hrs Thursday 28th August 2014

Garry: A damp and murky start for many. Rain currently affecting Scotland and eastern England. Expect further rain to move across Wales, central & northwest England during the middle of the day.

Issued: 13:46hrs Wednesday 27th August 2014

Garry: Rain continues to edge across south- western Britain, some heavy bursts currently in the English Channel and southern Irish Sea. Ireland turning wet from the south-west. Patchy drizzly rain pushing into Wales this evening.

Issued: 08:08hrs Wednesday 27th August 2014

Garry: Rain will encroach across Ireland today, but most of Britain will be dry apart from patchy rain in the far south-west. A freshening breeze too.

Issued: 13:47hrs Tuesday 26th August 2014

John: the rain in the south east is being a bit stubborn and is taking longer to clear. It may linger till the end of the afternoon.

Issued: 13:29hrs Tuesday 26th August 2014

Simon: Some new features added to our radar maps this afternoon.

Issued: 07:48hrs Tuesday 26th August 2014

John: still some heavy rain in the south but most of this will clear into the channel by early afternoon.

Issued: 12:57hrs Monday 25th August 2014

John: rain has cleared southwest England but a large area of heavy rain now it is affecting Wales and southern England.

Issued: 07:13hrs Monday 25th August 2014

John: for much of England and Wales it's going to be a soggy day with rain. The rain light at first but a heavier pulse of rain now into the south west will spread in as we go through the day. Some places will see 30- 40mm.

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