Scratchbox - December 26, 2014
Issued: 16:52hrs Thursday 25th December 2014

Garry: A chilly night ahead, and feeling cold on Boxing Day. Rain spreads from the west, and risks turning increasingly to snow from the Midlands northwards later.

Issued: 08:22hrs Thursday 25th December 2014

Garry: Merry Christmas to all! Many places are starting Christmas morning dry, but there are some heavy showery bursts of rain around, particularly NW England.

Issued: 14:50hrs Wednesday 24th December 2014

Garry: Bursts of showery rain are widespread across Scotland this evening, gradually pushing south overnight. Elsewhere mostly dry with scattered showers, dropping cold under clear skies.

Issued: 08:14hrs Wednesday 24th December 2014

Garry: Some rain in the south-east to start this morning but will soon clear. Frequent showers today in N + W Scotland and N Ireland. Bright and cool elsewhere, a few showers in NW England & Wales.

Issued: 18:00hrs Tuesday 23th December 2014

Simon: A windy night to come across England and Wales. Christmas Eve is looking brighter for most, but cooler too. Some showers in the north and west.

Issued: 08:23hrs Tuesday 23th December 2014

Simon: It's a very similar day to yesterday with a band of cloud and rain through Ireland and northern England. Chilly in Scotland with showers in the west. Milder for southern England, some drizzle in the west.

Issued: 07:42hrs Monday 22th December 2014

Simon: A windy day across England and Wales, mild here too. Rain in Northern Ireland, northern England and southern Scotland, some showers in western Scotland. Cooler temperatures in northern Scotland.

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