Seasonal outlook - June 01, 2014
Mixed throughout

Issued: Sunday 1st June 2014
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

There are continued indications that high pressure is likely to be to the east of the UK through July, with a trough in the mid Atlantic.
This combination of pressure systems hints at a rather mixed, but generally warm month. There will be some drier spells lasting for several days, but these interspersed with some wetter periods too.
The driest of the weather is likely in more northern and eastern parts of the UK, with incursions of precipitation at times affecting more western areas. It will be in the west and south where most rain is likely to fall.
Overall impressions of the month may not be very memorable due to its unremarkable nature.

Most of the long range forecasting models are again building a consensus around higher than normal pressure over Germany and Scandinavia, with a trough close to the British Isles and Ireland.
At times the high pressure to the east will slip into the UK and Ireland bringing some drier, warmer weather, but with the trough close by rainfall will never be to far away.
Most of the rain through more western parts of the UK and Ireland, and the threat of some rather heavy and thundery showers in England and Wales as the colder air associated with the trough occasionally intrudes on the warmer air associated with the ridge. The battle ground for this intrusion being the UK.
Probably warm overall, and they could be a few hot days, but overall a rather unremarkable month again.

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