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Seasonal outlook - August 29, 2016
Higher pressure
Dry spells

Issued: Monday 29th August 2016
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

Forecasting models are consistently showing October as being dominated by high pressure. However, we believe that this is overstated.
Our current expectations are that the early part of October may well be dominated by higher pressure and drier conditions. This could bring some fine, warm weather, although cooler nights.
By mid-month conditions will begin to change and there will be a slip to a more unsettled second half of the month. It will become cooler, wetter and windy at times.

Once again, higher than average pressur is the theme for November, although this time tending to mostly affect the south of the UK and Ireland.
After an unsettled, often wet and windy start to the month, things will likely settle down with higher pressure bringing some drier days. Cooler nights are likely, as is frost. A tendency for days to become foggier as the month progresses.
Turning more unsettled again by the months end.

Simon Keeling
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