Seasonal outlook - October 01, 2014
Mixed November
Cold December

Issued: Wednesday 1st October 2014
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

High pressure is expected to be dominant early in the month. This will be bringing dry and frosty weather to start the month, and it may be foggy too.
The area of high pressure will be collapsing as a jet stream becomes established over the country. That then brings far more unsettled conditions for the middle to latter stages of the month.
There could be strong winds with gales at times, and the risk of heavy rain. Temperatures will be near normal.

Higher pressure tending to be building in the Atlantic west of Ireland in December. This brings a colder, northwesterly flow. With low pressure passing eastwards, there will be bands of rain, sleet and snow.
It is likely that higher pressure is a feature of the weather in the second half of the month, with cold and frosty conditions as well as fog.

Captain Bob & Simon Keeling
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