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UK Forecast - June 17, 2018
Cloudier in the west
Brighter east

The weather across the British Isles and Ireland today is actually a bit of a mess. However generally speaking there will be more clouding western areas that in the east. That cloud in the west may lead to a few outbreaks of patchy rain especially other western facing coasts and hills. More eastern and southern areas tending to see the brightest of the weather with some good spells of sunshine this morning across south east England and East Anglia. That bright weather may well hold into the afternoon. Always bits of rain affecting western areas and it will be a breezy day for all is well in afresh to strong westerly wind. Temperatures are rising to highs of around 14°C in western Scotland and 21°C in south-east England.

Monday Night
As a week front passes southwards tonight so will bring cloud and some outbreaks of mainly light rain to Northern England the Midlands and Wales. Southern parts of England should stay dry with more broken cloud here, although cloud increases and thickens by the morning. Across Scotland the far north of England and Northern Ireland skies will be clearing although there will be some showers affecting northern and western Scotland where it will also state windy. Lowest temperatures around 7 to 12°C.

Pressure is expected to rise from the south street Tuesday. A weak front over southern England brings cloud in the morning but this will be breaking to allow some good spells of sunshine to come with much of England and Wales enjoying a warm day. A further front close to western Ireland Will bring patchy drizzle here and this extends to western Scotland. Most areas will be dry away from those western coasts with temperatures rising to between 17°C and and 24°C. The wind stays fresh to strong westerly through Scotland but will be light to moderate west and north westerly in southern England.

An area of low pressure crossing Scotland on Wednesday brings cloud and rain here. The rain may be heavy at times in northern and western areas. Light rain affecting Northern Ireland and also western coast of Ireland. Elsewhere that day should be generally bright with sunny spells, the best of these in eastern and southern England. An isolated afternoon shower may affect parts of western Wales and Northwest England. Winds will be moderate south-westerly but will be fresh on western coasts. Temperatures reaching highs of 26°C in south-east England but only 12°C in the wetter north west of Scotland.