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UK Forecast - April 25, 2017
Cool rest of the week
Showers fading

A chilly northerly pattern continues. Showers will affect eastern England throughout the day, developing increasingly across central & south-eastern regions into the afternoon. Some heavy bursts, with hail & thunder, plus squally winds. Elsewhere, showers should be well scattered, but areas exposed to the north in Ireland and Scotland are likely to see frequent rain or snow. Sunshine best in western Britain. Highs 7 to 10C.

Wednesday night
Cloud thickens across northern Britain as a warm front moves in from the north-west. Outbreaks of rain and hill snow for Scotland, mainly northern areas. A few showers for Northern Ireland and Irish Sea coasts of Britain. Largely clear skies in central & southern England & Wales, with frost in rural areas. A brisk north-westerly wind in the north, light winds toward the south-west. Lows between +3 and -2C.

High pressure centred toward the west and low pressure over the North Sea. Fronts drift across the country from the north-west, producing fairly cloudy skies, with occasional rain, mainly in northern & eastern regions. Locally frequent showery rain by afternoon. Largely dry and bright in the west & south. A west to north-westerly breeze. Staying cool, but not as cold as previous days, highs 9 to 12C.

A ridge of high pressure lies to the south-west, whilst a fairly cool north-westerly pattern affects Britain & Ireland. A mix of sunshine and scattered showers, which may locally band together, mainly near western coasts in the morning, then inland eastern areas by afternoon. Some places may see rain on and off for several hours, whilst nearby stays largely dry. Temperatures 9 to 14C, warmest south & south-west.

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