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Week ahead - April 25, 2018
Often Unsettled
Cool or Rather Chilly

Often unsettled as low pressure dominates bringing rain or showers at times, temperatures rather cool, locally chilly at times in wet weather

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Saturday 28/4/18
Unsettled conditions are forecast to continue into Saturday with weather fronts nearby to southern areas of England then some rain or showers are possible here, at times, throughout the day. Elsewhere there will be some drier and brighter, if not sunnier conditions but scattered heavy showers are forecast to develop across inland areas of N England, Scotland and Ireland as the day progresses. Rather cool, highs just 9C to 14C.

Sunday 29/4/18
Low pressure may develop just to the south and south-east of the UK through the day and this could well maintain further rain or showers across parts of England and Wales, perhaps heavy at times and particularly cool here too given a light or moderate E or NE'ly breeze. Drier and brighter across parts of N England, Scotland and Ireland but still with scattered showers at times. Highs 7C to 13C, lowest temperatures beneath any persistent wet weather.

Monday 30/04/18
Little change at the moment into the following week with low pressure close-by and this maintaining a risk of rain or showers across parts of England and Wales in particular, along with a light or moderate E or NE'ly breeze, so still rather chilly. Drier weather, with bright or sunny spells is forecast across parts of N England, Scotland and Ireland despite some scattered showers. Highs 7C to 13C.

Tuesday 01/05/18
Some uncertainty by next Tuesday but drier and sunnier conditions may well develop across more northern and western areas of the British Isles, while showery conditions continue across parts of England and Wales. Winds still E or NE'ly light across more southern areas, but winds lighter and more varied elsewhere. Temperatures a little high, highs 9C to 14C.

Wednesday 02/05/18
Into Wednesday and, at the moment, it looks like a new area of low pressure with its associated weather fronts will move into the British Isles from the west through the day. As a result more northern and western areas could well become rather wet and windy, while more southern and eastern areas are drier and brighter, for a time at least, before some wet weather arrives here later in the day. SW'ly winds in the north and west, moderate or fresh, lighter winds in the south and east. Highs 10C to 15C.

Thursday 03/05/18
Changeable and often unsettled conditions look set to prevail through next Thursday at the moment with low pressure the dominant feature and this maintaining a risk of rain or showers, at times, across the British Isles, but perhaps with the heaviest precipitation across more northern and western areas. Temperatures near to average, highs 10C to 15C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 26.04. various clouds, heavy rain  - 13° 90%
Fr, 27.04. cloudy, rain  - 14° 80%
Sa, 28.04. various clouds, rain  - 14° 70%
Su, 29.04. cloudy, rain  - 14° 60%
Mo, 30.04. various clouds, rain  - 13° 50%
Tu, 01.05. various clouds, light rain  - 14° 40%
We, 02.05. cloudy, rain 10° - 15° 35%
Th, 03.05. various clouds, rain 10° - 15° 30%
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