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Week ahead - October 22, 2017
Mild south, cooler north
Mixed weather and not as windy

Issued: 1029 Sunday 22 October 2017
Duty forecaster: John Ejdowski

Briefly colder at the weekend

Things are more settled this upcoming than last week, although most areas will have spells of rain on a few days. A front lying through a building area of high pressure will be slow moving and mostly affects the central belt of Britain. Highest temperatures will be across the south. Here they will be 3 to 5 degrees Celsius above normal while cool conditions are expected across Scotland. It may turn briefly cold across all parts during the weekend.

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Wednesday 25/10/17
Apart from showers in the north west of Scotland, the day will be mainly dry with some sunshine developing through the day. Temperatures stay above normal across England and Wales. Dry overnight with clear spells. Expect highs of 12 to 18C.

Thursday 26/10/17
It's likely to stay mild, chilly across Scotland. Another largely dry day but some rain may then affect Scotland and Northern Ireland. A band of rain lingers through Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England in the night. Expect highs of 11 to 17C.

Friday 27/10/17
A band of light rain may linger across northern England then dies out. Dry across the rest of Britain. Cooler in places, mild in other areas. Increasingly windy and some rain may affect the south in the night. Look for highs of 11 to 16C.


Saturday 28/10/17
Another mild, dry day to come across the south. Turning colder in the north with strong north west winds. Lots of showers around today, some heavy and as it turns colder across Scotland these may turn wintry over the northern hills. Expect highs of 9 to 11C.

Sunday 29/10/17
At this point all parts of Britain look colder with brisk north to north west winds. Scattered showers to affect western and eastern coasts, dry and sunnier inland. Dry overnight with a risk of a frost. Expect highs of 14 to 18C.

Monday 30/10/17
With high pressure in charge, it's going to be a dry day across the United Kingdom. After a cold start, mist and fog patches clear with most places having some decent spells of sunshine. Mild, wet and windier conditions sweep in during the night. Look for highs of 9 to 12C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 23.10. cloudy, rain 13° - 17° 90%
Tu, 24.10. cloudy, heavy rain 14° - 18° 80%
We, 25.10. various clouds 12° - 18° 80%
Th, 26.10. various clouds 11° - 17° 70%
Fr, 27.10. cloudy, light rain 11° - 16° 60%
Sa, 28.10. various clouds, rain 10° - 17° 50%
Su, 29.10. mostly sunny  - 11° 40%
Mo, 30.10. mostly sunny  - 12° 30%
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