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UK Forecast - December 25, 2012
Rain spreading east
Mild and windy

Boxing Day
The morning should be dry across much of Britain with sunny spells but cloud will increase in the west with rain into Northern Ireland and Cornwall before afternoon. Outbreaks of rain in the west then sweep in across all parts of the country during the afternoon turning heavy. Highs today of 6 to 9 Celsius.

Boxing Day Night
By evening the rain has cleared away from eastern parts of England and Scotland leaving a number of showers in the west with rain across Wales into the night. Expect minimum temperatures of 2 to 5 Celsius.

Very windy across England and Wales with gales in the south. Wet through the morning with rain clearing eastern England in the early afternoon. Showers will affect the west with a risk of snow over northern Scotland. Evening gales in the south moderate in the night as another batch of rain sweeps in across Northern Ireland and south west England. Maximum temperatures of 3 to 8 Celsius.

Increasingly windy today with gale to severe gales developing this evening and tonight. Rain sweeps in across all parts of Britain this morning into the afternoon and will be heavy at times. The rain persists into the evening and night with the heaviest rain in the north and west leading to a risk of local flooding. A milder day with maximum temperatures of 7 to 11 Celsius.

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