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UK Forecast - March 24, 2018
Meekly springlike
Dry and bright for most

A decent day for most places, largely dry with a good amount of sunshine. Fairly cloudy in the far south & south-east, and perhaps spots of rain for Kent, Sussex and the Channel Islands. Local brief showers for north-west Scotland, of snow or hail over the mountains. A light breeze from the west or north-west. Quite cool, but in any sunshine it will feel pleasant. Highs 9 to 12C, warmest in central England.

Sunday night
Dry overall on Sunday night. Variable cloud, but also lengthy clear spells for many areas. Some mist patches forming in low-lying areas, mainly around rivers. Very little wind inland. A fresh north-westerly breeze may affect some coasts in the south & east. A touch of frost, locally a hard frost in Scotland, lows 0 to 3C, but -2C in sheltered rural areas in the north & west, -5C in the Highlands.

A dry and bright day for many. Early mist soon clearing. A good deal of sunshine. Fair weather cloud filling in a little through the day. High cloud building in western regions, as fronts approach from the Atlantic. Rain developing for Ireland, spreading eastwards through the day, and turning wet across Britain on Monday night. Light winds, but strengthening southerlies around western coasts. Highs 8 to 12C.

Low pressure across the country results in an unsettled day. Some places staying wet for many hours, focused on northern areas. Snow over the hills. Rain then showers for central and southern Britain. Blustery winds for some, local gales around exposed coasts. A little sun may break through. Fairly cool where rain lingers at 7 or 8C, but in brighter spells in the south, reaching 10 to 13C.