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UK Forecast - February 22, 2018
Chilly, dry & bright
Frost overnight

South to southeasterly winds affect the British Isles as high pressure resides over Scandinavia. Dry overall, with variable cloud and sunshine. A bright day for most places. Feeling chilly in the breeze, strongest winds on southern coasts. A frosty start for many places. Temperatures topping out around 5C by early afternoon, perhaps a degree or so higher in the far south-east.

Friday night
Staying dry for all. Partly cloudy, but some lengthy clear spells. A brisk south-easterly breeze may prevent temperatures falling too low, but most places will fall close to zero. Sheltered spots in the West Midlands and Wales may fall as low as -3 to locally -5C.

A dry but cool pattern. High pressure remains over Scandinavia. Dry for all and a lot of sunshine. Eastern Scotland probably cloudier. Very chilly where exposed to a brisk south-easterly wind, which will be strongest around coasts in the south & east. Temperatures reaching 4 or 5C, perhaps up to 7C in the far south-west. Feeling closer to freezing due to wind chill.

A cold east to southeasterly wind continues. Dry overall, with plenty of sunshine across Britain and Ireland. Some low cloud toward eastern Scotland. Snow flurries may develop on eastern coasts of England into the afternoon or evening. Widespread frost, with only slow thawing during the day. Highs 1 to 4C, coldest in eastern counties, and feeling sub-zero where exposed to the wind.