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UK Forecast - October 22, 2017
Rain spreading eastward
Mild in the south

A breezy, milder day today but not as windy as the weekend. An active frontal system with rain across western areas in the morning will be spreading outbreaks of rain in across all areas through the day. The heaviest of the rain will affect northern Scotland with much smaller totals in the south. Western areas turn dry by afternoon as the last of the rain across eastern parts of England and Scotland clears into the North Sea. Showers though affect north west Scotland. Expect maximum temperatures of 13 to 17 Celsius.

Monday Night
The first half of the evening will be fine and dry across all parts of Britain. Later in the evening an area of rain spreads into north west Scotland and south west England. Overnight most places will become quite windy and will see some rain but north east England and eastern Scotland may stay dry. Expect minimum temperatures of 8 to 9 Celsius in the dry area but a milder 12 to 14 Celsius in the wetter west.

A rather windy day to come across Britain and a wet morning for all but perhaps the south east corner of England. A pulse of heavy rain runs into Wales this morning and then into The Midlands and northern England. The far south of England turns largely dry this afternoon with showers across western Scotland and light rain for Northern Ireland. That area of rain tends to linger across northern England, Wales and south west England into the evening and night. It does turn lighter in the night. Expect highs of 14 to 18 Celsius north to south.

A semi-stationary front lies across the Midlands and Wales giving spells of light to moderate rain through the day. A dry day to the south with a fair amount of cloud. To the north it's a dry day except for showers running into western Scotland on a strong westerly wind.. A mild day in the south with temperatures above normal. That band of rain narrows affecting The North Midlands and northern Wales in the night. Expect highs of 12 to 18 Celsius.

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