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UK Forecast - April 23, 2017
Cold air spreading south
Snow for Scotland

A much colder day is expected across the north as temperatures fall into single figures but mild in the south. A lot of cloud is expected across Britain. In the morning an area of sleet and snow spreads into northern Scotland with some accumulation possible down to low levels. In the afternoon this spills into south east Scotland. Bright across Northern Ireland with showers, these wintry over the hills. An area of rain and showers affects England and Wales. Later as the cold air filters further snow, showers over the Pennines and Snowdonia will become wintry. Expect maximums of 7 to 15 Celsius with a brisk north west wind developing. Gales may affect eastern Scotland in the afternoon.

Monday Night
Very windy across England in the evening and night. Further sleet and snow affects northern Scotland this evening along with Northern Ireland. Showers in the far south clear early in the evening. Overnight it will be quite cold with icy patches where showers fell and across Scotland. Sleet and snow showers may affect North Sea coasts. Expect minimum temperatures of -2 to 2 Celsius but colder over higher elevations.

Cold across Britain today, especially in strong northerly winds strongest across eastern parts of Britain. Here it will be cloudy with western and central parts mostly sunny in the morning. That cloud along with showers in the east spreads westward into all parts in the afternoon. Again the showers over the northern hills and Welsh Hills will be wintry. Most of the showers fade in the evening ahead of a dry cold night. The brisk winds should keep frost at bay but again, icy patches may form. Expect highs of tops of 6 to 10 Celsius.

The cold theme lasts one more day with temperatures below normal. Another breezy day to come with showers developing quite widely across many parts of Britain. They will be interspersed with dry, sunnier spells. Over the hills of Scotland, northern England and Scotland the showers will be wintry. An area of rain comes in across northern Scotland tonight. A frost develops across southwest and northern England along with Wales. Temperatures will be below normal with highs of 7 to 10 Celsius.

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