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UK Forecast - December 10, 2017
Cold, local snow
Windy south-east

A powerful area of low pressure sweeps across northern France bringing gales to the eastern English Channel, and brisk winds to East Anglia. A zone of heavy rain affects south-east England - a risk of snow on its northern edge. Some snow may also affect areas surrounding London. Bands of snow showers for west Wales and Cornwall, plus northern parts of Scotland and Ireland. Elsewhere, a lot of dry weather, with some weak sunshine. Staying close to freezing for most.

Monday night
A very cold night lies ahead. Light winds and clearing skies will allow temperatures to fall well below freezing for some. Some low-level freezing fog patches may form, especially over snow cover. Most places dry, with any residual light rain or snow around coasts fading. Blustery winds for eastern coasts of England. Lows widely 0 to -3C, but -5C or below in rural areas, locally -10C, even in central England & mid-Wales.

A weak ridge of high pressure topples across the country. Staying chilly. Freezing fog patches may linger in low-lying areas, where locally it may stay sub-zero. Otherwise sunshine breaking through quite widely. Fairly cloudy in the west, with a few showers of rain possible around western coasts. A front moves into Ireland from the west bringing more persistent rain. Winds fairly light, turning west to south-westerly. Highs 0 to 5C, perhaps milder far south.

Fronts spread from the west bringing a spell of rain to most places early in the day. Slightly milder air briefly moves across the country, although cold air returns from the north-west through the day. Heavy showers in the west and north-west will spread increasingly eastwards. Sudden squally winds, hail and isolated thunder for Scotland & N.Ireland. Snow falling to increasingly low levels. Highs 1 to 7C, mildest far south.

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