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UK Forecast - April 16, 2012
Heavy showers and rain
Cool and breezy

An area of low pressure is going to be pushing a front east and north through Scotland and England this morning. This will bring a wet start to the say in these areas, although rain clearing the eastern coasts by late morning. Elsewhere there will be some sunny spells and it will be a breezy start to the day. Showers affecting western areas, these becoming heavier and spreading eastwards through the afternoon. Most of the showers over southern Wales, southwest and southern England. More persistent rain arriving with severe gales into western Scotland in the afternoon, as northern Scotland stays wet. Highs at 12C in southern England, more generally 9 to 11C.

Tuesday Night
Strong winds and heavy rain will be passing over Ireland and into Wales and England during tonight. Most of this is going to be through western areas where winds will be to severe gale force at times. More northern parts of England and Scotland will be drier, although there will be a few showers on the coasts. Lows at -1C through northern England and Scotland, nearer 2 to 4C across England, Wales and Ireland.

A deep area of low pressure becomes slow moving across southern England on Wednesday. This brings a very disturbed day of weather to the UK and Ireland. Fronts rotating around the low will be bringing lots of cloud and rain. Most of the rain focused through parts of England and Wales on Tuesday morning, slipping east through the day. Elsewhere there will be frequent showers, some of these heavy and merging into longer spells of rain. Some western coasts of England and Wales may be drier and brighter in the afternoon. Highs at a cool 9 to 12C.

The area of low pressure is expected to be across eastern coasts of England on Thursday. This brings further unsettled conditions for the UK and Ireland. There will be showers or longer periods of rain across northern and eastern areas. Heavy showers sinking south through western Scotland and Ireland. Wales and southern England are likely to have more scattered showers, and some sunny spells, although these tending to become heavier. Highs at 10 to 13C.

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