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Seasonal outlook - April 21, 2012
Fair start to June
Good end to July

Issued: Saturday 21st April 2012
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

The meteorological first month of summer, should see high pressure in control and some semblance of summery weather for all areas, these very warm and settled conditions should extend through the first week to ten days of the month.
High pressure atop the UK at first should slowly drift westward with a cooler and showery regime then establishing into the middle of month, a noticeable temperature drop for all areas as a northerly flow develops.
The middle of the month sees a more westerly orientated flow then establishing, low pressure potentially ramping up the breeze, rain and windier weather affecting all areas and feeling much cooler beneath the cloud and rainier spots.
This unsettled weather looks as if it'll be continuing through the remainder of June, only at the close of the month does it potentially settle once more, temperatures recovering as pressure builds in from the west, southern and eastern areas seeing the best of the conditions.

High pressure remains tantalisingly close to the UK, but just too far to the west to settle the weather into what one would normally expect for high summer. Cool with a breeze from the north or northwest, showers mainly for all areas but some indication of destabilisation at times into rather more organised showery bands. The west seeing fewer showers closest to high pressure established to the west.
Through to the middle of the month sees a reversal of fortunes with high pressure building across the UK and then to the settling to the east, a much warmer regime establishing across the bulk of the country as a southerly flow develops for a time.
Then unfortunately it's all downhill low pressure to the west encroaching eastward, showers breaking out widely then more organised rain as the Atlantic influence kicks in once more. Showers or longer spells of rain for all for a time through to the final week of July when the pattern attempts to redeem itself but I have my doubts whether it'll really make it, 'indifferent' would be the best term?

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