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Month ahead - March 30, 2018
Valid from 06/04 to 03/05 2018
Valid from 06/04 to 03/05 2018

Issued: Thursday 30th March 2018
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

An improvement in the second half of the month after a cold and unsettled start

April is expected to be dominated by cool and unsettled weather for the first half of the month. Rain and showers with cool conditions. An improvement in the second half of the month as pressure builds, probably to the west. Eastern areas tending to be cooler with some showers here. Watch for late season overnight frosts.

*6/4/18 - 12/4/18*
An unsettled start to the week with low pressure bringing spells of rain and showers. It is likely to be rather cool with temperatures at or below average for the time of year. Conditions may improve later in the week.

*13/4/18 - 19/4/18*
Pressure tending to build this week. There are likely to be more drier days than recently with some sunny spells. Feeling a little milder overall too.

*20/4/18 - 26/4/18*
Low pressure may bring some wetter weather for a time, probably during the early stages of the week. Turning colder later with drier weather arriving in the west. Overnight frosts.

*27/4/18 - 2/5/18*
Fair weather is expected to close the month, although it stays col. Showers in the east with more western areas tending to be dry with sunny spells.

*3/5/18 to 9/5/18*
It is likely to stay dry this week with sunny spells and milder conditions. Overnight frost could occur again.


Simon Keeling
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