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Month ahead - January 10, 2017
Valid from 14/01 to 10/02 2017
Valid from 14/01 to 10/02 2017

Issued: Tuesday 10th January 2017
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

A chilly to cold start, turning milder by the end of the month

A real weather battleground across the UK through December.
Mild air to the west and cooler air to the east will be trying to establish dominance over the UK and Ireland.
Current thoughts are that the cooler weather wins our, this bringing drier than average conditions to the east, although wetter in the west with the highest risk of rain, sleet and snow here.

*14/1/17 - 20/1/17*
Cold air form Europe will be in battle with milder air from the Atlantic during this week.
Eastern parts of the UK are likely to be colder with frost whilst to the west it tends to be cloudier with temperatures still chilly although nearer the average for the time of year.

*21/1/17 - 27/1/17*
High pressure is forecast to be over Scandinavia.
This brings the prospects of chilly weather returning to all. Generally dry with eastern areas always tending to be colder.
To the west it will be milder at times but the tendency remains for cool conditions.

*28/1/17 - 3/2/17*
Hints of a change in the weather during this week. The cold in the wast is likely to be squeezed back into the continent. Milder weather to the west is likely to be winning through, pushing eastwards and bringing quite a murky week. It may be wet to the west at times too, although always tending to be drier ot the east.

*4/2/17 - 10/2/17*
A more normal westerly flow across the country for a time. Fronts push eastwards bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain, most of this in the north and west.
It could turn cooler again later in the week with wintry showers in the north, this colder weather perhaps slipping south.


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