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Month ahead - April 21, 2012
Valid from 25/04 to 22/05 2012
May starts better

Issued: Saturday 21st April 2012
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

April showers bring forth May flowers?

Thankfully the pattern has delivered some welcome return, perhaps not exactly in the detail but at least in emphasis?

Welcome rainfall too, although not enough a worthy attempt though and will go some way to redress the soil moisture deficit at least. The predominantly showery weather looks as if it'll continue for a while longer with the added influence of perhaps more prolonged rainfall as low pressure systems move close to the UK.

*25/4/12 to 08/4/12*
The next pattern alteration looks as if it'll be taking place towards the latter stages of this month, high pressure in some guise developing to the west or northwest. For a time there looks to be a settling of the pattern, mainly for western and north-western Britain, the south and southeast perhaps remaining rather more mixed for a time, with showers or longer spells of rain.

This settled weather may extend into the beginning of May when for a time it becomes warmer and drier but I can see no evidence at the moment that it'll be protracted at all and not lasting beyond the first week of the month.

*09/5/12 to 15/5/12*
Into the second week of May the pattern looks set to be taking on a more westerly orientation with low pressure tracking into the UK. So unsettled conditions can be anticipated to be generally the order of the day, rain and potentially strong winds for all areas and hence feeling rather cool at times. Brighter between the rain bands with blustery and heavy thundery showers, the strength of May sunshine quite evident in favoured sheltered spots.

*16/5/12 to 25/5/12*
The middle of May sees little evidence to suggest any settled weather or it warming at all just yet, high pressure to the west a cool north-westerly breeze and showers for all continuing to feed in through all areas, perhaps longer spells of rain as low pressure slips southeast at times?

*26/5/12 to 1/6/12*
Through the final week of May high pressure to the west looks as if it'll be drifting northeast across northern Britain, here there'll be drier, brighter and warmer weather a cooler easterly breeze further south across England and Wales with showers continuing.

As the month closes pressure begins to fall to the west and southwest, the flow then orientating more southeast to potentially southerly, the prospect then for warmer continentally sourced air to be drawn in to the UK.

Simon & Capn Bob
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