Week ahead - July 28, 2015
Temperatures improving
Frequent wind & rain in north & west

Issued: 0900hrs Tuesday 28th July 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Changeable, but often dry south & east

A mixed outlook continues across Britain and Ireland. However, central and south-eastern regions will see a good deal of dry and bright weather, and temperatures will recover. Northern and western parts are likely to see further spells of wind and rain well into the new week.

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Friday 31/07/15
Low pressure to the north-west and a weak area of high pressure across the south. Much of England & Wales staying dry with sunshine, but clouds thicken from the west as fronts approach, giving increasingly persistent rain for Scotland & Ireland, plus a freshening breeze. Lighter winds in south. Starting cool, highs reaching 21 or 22C for the Midlands and south, but nearer 15C in the north-west.

Saturday 01/08/15
Low pressure to the north-west maintains a changeable theme. Frequent showers or longer periods of rain for Scotland and Northern Ireland, but also a few pulses of rain are likely to spread across England & Wales, although very little may reach the south and south-east. Occasional sun. A fresh breeze from the south-west, strongest in the north. Highs 16 to 22C.

Sunday 02/08/15
Low pressure to the west threats to bring rain and strong winds to Ireland and perhaps western Britain. High pressure to the east should give a fair day for many areas of Britain, particularly eastern parts. Feeling warmer thanks to a southerly airflow. Highs 17 to 23C, warmest in the south.

Monday 03/08/15
A lot of uncertainty about detail and timing, but low pressure is likely to reside close to the north-west. Further spells of wind and rain threaten northern and western areas in particular. Some brighter spells. Cool in the north, 15 to 17C, but may reach a humid 24 or 25C in the south.

Tuesday 04/08/15
Low pressure to the north and high pressure toward the south-west. A cold front is likely to push some rain eastwards, allowing fresher and showery weather to spread from the west. Frequent blustery showers in the north & west. Brighter across central and southern areas. Highs 16 to 23C.

Wednesday 05/08/15
High pressure slowly building across southern regions may bring a dry and bright day, whilst fronts may produce wind and rain for the north & west of Britain and Ireland. Highs 16 to 24C, warmest in the south-east.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
We, 29.07. various clouds, rain 13° - 20° 90%
Th, 30.07. various clouds, rain 13° - 20° 80%
Fr, 31.07. various clouds, light rain 14° - 21° 80%
Sa, 01.08. various clouds, rain 14° - 22° 70%
Su, 02.08. various clouds, light rain 15° - 23° 60%
Mo, 03.08. various clouds, rain 16° - 25° 60%
Tu, 04.08. various clouds, light rain 16° - 23° 50%
We, 05.08. various clouds, light rain 16° - 24° 40%
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