Week ahead - September 15, 2014
Feeling warm
Dry for most

Issued: 0900hrs Monday 15th September 2014
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Risk of showers in the south; low cloud in east

High pressure will continue to influence to British Isles this week, and an east to south-easterly airflow will make it feel warm. Low cloud may persist for many north-eastern regions, but central and southern areas should see sunshine, although a risk of showers in the south-west later in the week.

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Thursday 18/09/14
A warm day across England and Wales, with any early cloud breaking to give hazy sunshine. North-east England and eastern Scotland may hang on to low cloud for much of the day, whilst western Scotland and north-west England should see good amounts of sunshine. A few showers in the English Channel may graze onto south-western counties of England. A gentle easterly breeze. Temperatures rising to 24 or 25C in the south by afternoon, but typically 17 to 22C for northern Britain.

Friday 19/09/14
Another warm day in southern Britain, with above average temperatures. Early low cloud and mist mostly soon clearing. High pressure to the north will give plenty of dry weather to Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. A risk of showers in the south and south-west, perhaps locally thundery. Feeling humid, with a slight easterly breeze. Eastern coasts may see low cloud persist locally. Highs 20 to 25C, warmest in the south.

Saturday 20/09/14
High pressure still resides across northern Britain, bringing continued settled conditions here. Again the risk of showers in the far south of England and Ireland. Some low cloud in the east, particularly morning. Temperatures 17 to 21C in northern areas, but warm again in the south at 23 or 24C.

Sunday 21/09/14
High pressure remains dominant across the British Isles, with light winds for most. Staying warm in the south, perhaps the odd shower near English Channel coasts. Highs 19 to 24C.

Monday 22/09/14
High pressure is expected to reside close to the UK and Ireland, with plenty of dry weather. Locally a few residual showers, but may not amount to much. Highs 18 to 23C.

Tuesday 23/09/14
Confidence of detail becomes low, but mostly fair conditions are likely to continue, with a gradual tendency for more mixed conditions developing in the days ahead. Staying mild, highs 17 to 22C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Tu, 16.09. various clouds, light rain 15° - 23° 95%
We, 17.09. various clouds 16° - 24° 90%
Th, 18.09. various clouds 17° - 25° 85%
Fr, 19.09. various clouds, light rain 19° - 25° 80%
Sa, 20.09. various clouds, light rain 18° - 24° 70%
Su, 21.09. various clouds 19° - 24° 65%
Mo, 22.09. various clouds 18° - 23° 60%
Tu, 23.09. various clouds 17° - 22° 50%
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